Barney, Alyx, Kleiner, Combine

Comments? Critiques? :slight_smile:

Great posing on Alyx, although she is kinda pulling the trigger. The combine look really badly posed though.

Remember to make sure your ragdoll’s ass isn’t too far forward or back.

The posing is really weird looking on that strider being carried.

Kliener looks likes hes looking at Lamarr going “Pow, HAHA”

Nice posing.

The posing is nice, but Barney shouldn’t be able to fire both of those SMGs at the same time comfortably, Uhh Llamar doesn’t really fit in. The combine posing could be improved, just cause they’re in the background doesn’t mean they need less attention on the poses. Uhhh, the picture is great besides all that.


Forgot to mention that you should turn on AA right before taking the screenshot, you can just turn it off after.

The posing on the Barney, Alyx, and Kleiner is really good. But the combine posing, eh, not so good.

Llamar should be in Dr. Kleiner’s arms if they’re trying to run, not up on the corner. A bit of work to the combine posing as well and this shot would be pretty awesome.

Maybe Lamarr broke free from Kleiner’s arms and he’s trying to coax her back. I mean, Lamarr IS pretty hard to keep hold of since she doesn’t have much of a tail and her underbelly is a giant maw lined with teeth…

That would make sense too