Barney and Alyx lead a Rebel attack.

Forgot to trigger the grenade explosion emitters but I guess it’ll do without them.

C&C on how to get this improved.

holy shit I love it.

you should create different desktop size :3:


Look’s like a EP3 image, Set around white Forrest, Barney there in a new suit (Barney never dies), Ep2 alyx, New rebel clothes.


TD:LR: I love it, mind if i use it as my wallpaper?

I like it, I like it.

Pretty good work. Nice to see Alyx doing something else than just stand there being pretty.
For improvement. Some debris or foliage on the ground perhaps.
So the boring ground texture isn’t so dominant.

The sharpening! The AA Errors! THEY BURRRRRN!

It’s awesome.

What are you going on about, none of that’s there.

Comrade is just saying that because we say that about his pictures. There’s no AA issues or sharpening. though i dislike the fact that barney has no neck

i like it
but what happened to gordon? :ohdear:

He had to stay home. There was no more guns to share, and you do not bring a crowbar to a firefight.

makes sense

wait why didnt he just bring the jeep/airboat

Uh where?

Don’t listen to him, the picture is great.

Must be his monitor, great pic by the way.

Like said before, it has to be my monitor or something

But the image lacks Anti-aliasing, and is super-sharp… Could just be my netbook monitor.

To be honest, I would’ve blurred the cliff and the tree in the background because they are ugly aswell as the ground in front.

Has that Barney reskin been released?

It’s not a skin, it’s hexed, and it’s Barney’s head on antian’s Rebel special force guys or whatever.