Barney found his axe, and then attacks Lammar

First EVER pic, be nice XD

P.S Whats generic?

I love the faceposing on Kliener. Alothugh instead retardly flying across the map, he could be running.

Not bad for a first, actually. I’d like to see some more poses by you.

It’s his beloved Lammar, so i guessed he’d be leaping like a retard ^^

JUDO SLICE!!! Also, I like this picture a lot!

Who’s Lammar? I don’t know anyone in HL2 named Lammar. :raise:

Kidding, haha, nice pose for a first timer.

Klieners annoying pet headcrab.


Was referring to the typo.

Kleiner won’t make it in time :frowning:

This is good for a first picture. The posing is pretty good, and the faceposing is nice. Alyx and Kleiner’s reactions are quite good, and the DoF draws your attention to Kleiner and barney. Kleiner’s jumping looks a bit odd for me, you could maybe make his feet closer to the ground. The fingerposing is good on the axe, as is everyone’s faceposing and fingerposing. I see a bit of clipping on the axe, but other than that there’s nothing wrong, aside from Alyx’s posing being a bit odd. This is one of the best first poses made by anyone i’ve ever seen. I’d say this is great, but could be a bit better with vignetting or a tiny bit of radial blur. On a scale of one to ten, I would say this is about a 7, good but not the best pose ever made. Great first pose, and good pose overall.

Wow, wasn’t expecting this much praise, only the usual “You Fail Noob!”
But thanks all! Expect more sometime

The posing is pure shit, BUT, the concept and faceposing is gold, He could be running, or less tilting atleast :buddy:

Pretty damn good for your first.

the posing is not pure shit, shut up

pretty decent for a first picture (but I assume that it’s not your first pose), you could be a good poser if you continue and practice posing

Protip for upcoming poses: You can easy weld a soda can to a ragdoll’s limb and then, instead of rotating the limb, rotate the soda can. That way the limb won’t follow the restrictions, and thus epic posing can be made. I’m telling you this because Barney’s right hand is a bit tilted. Otherwise, good work.

Now there are two people here that have a Bleach avatar. Nice First! Better than I expected.

About the soda can trick on posing stuff, i tried with a glass bottle on Kleiners head, but it just didn’t want to move…I need to figure it out. But thanks for the posotive comments people!

I like it. A little too much DoF though.

Oh and that trick is a little sketchy. Only sometimes works.

Goddamnit Bareny! Why the fuck did you kill Lammar?!