Barney gets a little help from Alyx.

First pose:-)
How’d I do?

Well, it’s not too bad. First of all, there is too much blood spraying out of Breen and there’s a mysterious axe floating above his head. The camera angle makes it hard to tell whats going on, too. It looks like you may have fullbright on, which doesn’t help the picture at all. It’s definitely better than a lot of first poses, though! Good job. Hope that helped. :smiley:

It helped a bunch! Hehe…Anyway the axe was what Breen WAS holding until he got shot, but I guess the angle sort of kills that.

That’s some crazy blood. :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of effects. This is good, but could be better.

1 one word: goreish!!!

I’ve never seen a pistol shoot out lasers …

Edit: Wait, it’s not a pistol. But still, way too many effects.

Lol it’s called a laser pistol.

Anyway, this pose sucks. Really horribly done. Canesfan, this looks like utter garbage. How did you get gold member?

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He acted like one.

And he didn’t bump.