Barney gets shot in the back of the head, By breen

Yep me again with another movie, Hopes you like it and it took me a while so please leave your comments and rate it in the top left corner thank you

I liked this ver much original to! Good use of the sounds but the last mark would be yours if the fraps water mark didnt pop up but other than that, i see nothing wrong with it :dance:

oh come on the least you could do is say if it is bad or not

What the fuck is this? I am sorry for double posting but i have had one fucknig reply after 20 hours?? COME ON! All i want is a comment like “that was good” or “that was bad”

jesus what must somebody do to get a fucking reply

the fact that you have written the above post means that i am not going to say about your movie don’t ask for posts, it’s pointless

Thats pretty cool. I like the BF1942 music =)

I liked it because it had BF2 music in it 10/10

yeh thanks guys The reasong i posted is because i was pissed off, rubbish like green VS brown gets like 9 replies in 2 hours and mine got one reply from a person i personally know in like 20 hours so i was very very annoyed

also im thinking of making the follow up. if you noticed his eye opened again at the end :smiley: will you guys vote and say yes or no to me making the end? thanks

nice work 10/10 you still get more replies than me

nice work dude

i like it 10/10 it was good and i loved all the music and it was ccreative you konw … unique?

lol it has the battle feild 2 sounds!

“lol it has the battlefirld 2 sounds” wadicus, that music originaly was in the original battlefield 1942

sorry, double post

breen get’s a big smile… it’s quite good 5

:open_mouth: Ultimate bump! :open_mouth: thanks for the rating anyway

I wish the 1942 song stayed in bf2, I dont like the loading song in bf2, is there a way to change this.

not as i know, and by the way, that question is off topic, ask it somewhere else

For a short clip, it was alright…not bad of a job too with cool music nice!

I loved it! I laughed hysterically! The part when his eye opens after getting shot in the head was awsome :smiley: