Barney Head Hack, Please

Could someone head hack barney’s head onto a combine elite?
that would be much aprciated. (apreciated spelt wrong, rate me bad spelling)


Combine Elite

Like this?

exactly like that.

Cool, and just to warn you ahead of time, the finger posing got a little fucked up.
You don’t mind do you?

not at all.

I needed him for a comic and most of the time you won’t see his hands anyways.

I will give full credit to you in the comic for this model

Wow that was fast.

Hey 1000th post :dance:


Not bad. BUT the neck still has the CP uniform. Eyelids aren’t working with faceposer (it’s a known issue though, I’m surprised that his jaw moves.). AND it’s the HL2 version. (which leaves this ragdoll uninteresting for comic makers who are solely using the Ep1 Barney) Why not the Ep1 model? The Ep1 version of Barney is a lot better. And before someone complains about his dirt smeared face… there is a cleaned version available from :wink:
I’ll give you a 6/10 for this ragdoll, just because for the “wrong” Barney model being used. Like I said, it’s not of much use for people being “fixated” on the Ep1 model to work with -> more expressions with faceposer, a better modelled face in general, etc.

^ He didn’t make it specially for you, you don’t have any rights to complain.

what program do you use for this model

I don’t care about your opinion. My “critique” wasn’t a complain but mere facts. Use your brain before you’re snapping at people, idiot.

All that matters is that the requester thought it was very good, and got what he wanted.
And shotgunguy, that was pretty darn fast!

I’m too lazy to take it off.

If you can find a way to get them working, then tell me.

How so?

Who cares? Do you want me to make one with the Ep1 head for you.

It’s not the “wrong” model because the OP requested the HL2 barney head.
Now stop your whining.

Bad post format is bad. Maybe you shouldn’t complain about requested models? It’s not like he advertised it, he did it for a specific person. You didn’t come here to help the guy or request something, so get out.

Bad attitude, pal. Lazyness is never good.

Because of compiler issues? They render headhacks pretty useless with unmoving eyelids and frozen jaws.

laughes Thanks for the offer! But I need models for comics and that means properly working faceposing options. A half wrecked face it NOT useable in any way, and besides, I have my own and more effective ways to create custom models…
Like this:

The only borken flexes are the eyelids, I don’t know why you’re talking about the mouth flexes.

Because a friend made a headhack from Ep1 Barney, and his eyelids AND the jaw aren’t moving at all.

Because he was doing it wrong.
I had to fix the mouth flexes in order to compile it.
He probably removed those lines entirely.

Muriel you really don’t have any ground to stand on in this argument, your a poor critic
it’s a great model shotgunguy
and it’s just what the op wanted what more is there to say?

Yes and it worked perfectly…

Muriel, I don’t see what your problem is. The neck thing is only noticable unless you go looking for it. The finger poseing was only a "little"off.(still was usable) And I asked for the HL2 one, not the ep1.
ShoTGuNGuY did an excellent job with this.


to be honest, I didn’t notice the neck thing until u complained about it.