Barney implores you to pull his finger. Do you dare?

Black bars, Grain

No Black bars, No Grain


Barney’s hair is a little odd because the bits sticking up don’t match the length of the rest of it, otherwise I have no complaints.

Pretty awesome just the shading looks odd to me.

I thought of metro 2033 for some reason

Yeah…I thought that hair would be cool, but I’m not good at makin’ it :confused:
Thanks anyway

Hair isn’t really just a dark blob with fuzz growing off of it.

Is that…Pripyat?

I don’t really understand why Barney is wearing two decade-old gear and visiting Ukraine, but I guess it’s alright-ish. Gmod poses and real pictures rarely work together, though, and this stands out too much and gives a weird feeling when I look at it.

Let’s say it’s next Half Life. We haven’t seen Barney in Episode Two, so let’s say he found this, and since his metrocop armor was broken too much he had to wear it. And there’s some Combine shit in the Chernobyl, so he and Gordon are goin’ to destroy it, etc. etc.

  • Yes, it is Pripyat

  • God knows where the Half Life 2 is set.

holy shit,looks actually pretty good

For real? If that’s so…Thank You Very Much

Yes it does look pretty realistic.

Eh, He is all blurry.

you were always a man of fancy words, john marston
good edit though

that is not me

that is my alter ego. david essex.

Hairs look weird but the incrustation is pretty well done, good job.


A mod, your former title was undescriptive.

This one is much better anyway.

I like the background pic, but Barney’s hair looks weird and he looks a little blurry.