Barney is brought before the Administrator

Barney is captured and brought before the Administrator.

how’d he get caught, Barney’s a pretty good spah

Who knows? Maybe someone ratted him out?

So, he has been brought before the Administrator has been brought himself ?

Har har. Very funny.

Pleased to see it made you laugh.

man hold the gun like that while carrying a person might be hard

They are combine.
Dont underestimate their power.

Barney looks weird…

First shot is actually quite good. I like the lighting on Breen’s face. The posing on the soldiers is a little stiff, and Barney’s shoulders look a bit…morphed.

First shot is the best. The others sorta suck.

Breen does not look pleased. I guess when they told him that “Barney” was coming, he thought it was the dinosaur.

The soldiers are stiff because they’re Combine and therefore “perfect”. They stand absolutely still at attention. Barney’s shoulders probably look morphed because the Combine are so tall, you can’t have them holding someone up because the feet of the person being held won’t drag.