Barney is mad...

I think this is the right one


check out my whole album.

I don’t get it.

Filter Rape


So you just slapped filters on and did a random face pose?

nothing but trolls…

This kinda reminds me of Borderlands.

Yeah… suddenly that’s less badass.

red dead redemption cover art?

Yep, filter rape, and a bad pose it looks like.

Also no ones trolling, learn to take criticism.

Criticism? I don’t see it

Don’t use filters excessively unless you’re making some KFC logo.

The pose is bad, and Barneys head is crooked to the point where it looks like he has downs.

Scene is empty and the use of filters distorts the main subject’s face to the point where you can’t even make out what the person’s expression is.

This sucks

Supposed to be like the game, Mad World? Or is it just a huge coincidence?

Either way, it looks like shit. Posing is awful.

There’s a lot of critism:
‘Filter Rape’ is critism for an example, as anyone with a bit of brains could understand he/she used too much filters and should stop doing that unless he/she is doing a good job with it.

And Barney’s faceposer is pretty bad, same as the posing.

The filter rape isn’t as bad as some stuff I’ve seen, since it seems you’ve been trying to style it a bit, but it would have looked far better if you actually cleaned up the image afterwards. The bunch of random black spots make that stand out like hell.

Just the main lines, with the white figure and red background and it would look actually pretty good.

Oh god that made me rage

Wow great editing…