Barney to the rescue!


Second picture, please comment.

Oh, also. I know you might not see it very well, as i had trouble capturing the ‘whole’ scene, but Barney is holding a Crowbar :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats the combine aiming at?

You can’t see the Citizen on her knees?

Breaking defaul-avatar chain.
The editing makes it really unclear.

No I don’t. Make it more clear so that we can see that barney is just wanting to kill.

The bloom actually made it -lighter-…

So, heres whats happening:

One dead citizen lays on the ground in their own pool of blood, and theres another citizen beside her with her hands in the air, on her knees. The Combine-Police is aiming towards her, and Barney comes out behind him and hits knocks him out with the crowbar :]

Well its pretty hard to see behind all that purple.

Ok, I see it now. Takes 7 minutes of observing.


Did you rape the filters and they cummed blue?

No, its bloom… dummy. But anyways, i’d like to get some better comments than " can’t see :[ "

Like what?
It isnt very easy to see behind a bad edit.

I didn’t edit it… i only used ingame stuff. I don’t really know how to ‘edit’ or use GIMP or Photoshop sooo…

“It’s so awsome I banged my head on my computer then throw it out into the Awsome-mo-bag then put it into the =D Truck and watched it went into the sun.”

Well why did you make the whole damn thing purple?

…The hell is this?
I can Barely see anything.

Alright, enaugh with the Bloom please… what about the posing and stuff, god…

Its hard to see how you posed behind this ‘bloom’ of yours.

Funny… i can see it perfectly fine. You’re either a retard, somewhat blind, or your Screen’s Light resolution is rather low…

Because being a retard affects your vision.