Barney x Alyx

I think I just filled every quota of the description of this very subforum.



mingebaging lol

the low textures, they burn my eyes
i can see how you were mingebaging, but even then, you should try and have better graphics

Yeaaah, I know. I was being unusually lazy. I normally have my graphics way down to get optimal FPS, and when I make screenshots I turn it all the way up.

But, I felt like mingebaging hard, yet keep a sense of humor.

The only thing I like is Barney’s expression.

Agreed. The expression was hilarious, low res or not.
That, my friends, is a “Wtf?!” face.

Thank you :smiley:

I agree the pics are low in quality… but the faces just crack me up!

Faces are funny, posing is a little wierd. It looks like Barney is trying to rip Alyx’s head off.

I couldn’t help laughing when I saw Alyx’s face.


Wow. I was counting on getting dumbs for it, and I’m kinda surprised I havn’t got a single box yet :v:

I love you facepunch :h:

-snipped, for I have not read the date. My bad.-

4-day bump isn’t much.

It’s short and sweet, and doesn’t try too hard. I really can’t ask for much more in a comic.

Oh god yes.