Barney's face looks bad when faceposing

When i use the faceposer to Barney, something black appears to his face. :saddowns: Other characters doesn’t have the problem.
(click to make bigger)

Anyone else having this problem?
How to fix?

Try lowering the expression scale.

this but the box only gets smaller

Maybe he is secretly a robot and since he is getting older his face parts are starting to get gaps! Soon I expect to see it fall off revealing his face=like motherboard!

If lowering the scale doesnt work then try a less… exagerated expression.

Some characters are broken like that. For instance, unless the expression scale isn’t REALLY low, a TF2 character’s face turns in to “Spiny Sin”.

Or rapeface

This is because different characters are required to have different facial expressions then others. For instance, the G-Man. When you spawn him, his mouth is in a weird position because he has a great deal of dialogue to speak and therefore needs complex facial systems. There’s no way to fix it.

That’s because he’s an ugly twat

i’m pretty sure those are the polygons inside his mouth, and there isn’t a way to change it, other than different expressions

Some HL2 models, some DOD models, all of the TF2 models and a couple more are just plain fucked. They don’t handle faceposing well. Short of switching the model yourself, you’ll have to make do with the least retarded expression you can worm out of it.