barnie adn alyx hot n horneh [Half-Assed Comic]

Based on a true story. v:v:v

Let this be a lesson to you all: When you make a screenshot or a comic, imagine what the ragdoll is thinking.

Haha awesome.

Oh god… I will not pose ragdolls ever again. I will always imagine what they say when i pose them…

From now on I’m gonna feel bad for smashing ragdolls into the ground. :v:

you took the words straight from my mouth(that dosent mean i wont do it anyway)

that “YOu don’t wanna know”

a meme.

Also, when I read this, when Alyx appeared, and then Barney, I thought they were pretending to be cars for some reason…?

Never shall a meme stem from my masterpieces :v:

And the “car sound” is me trying to imitate the sound that plays when you spawn an item from the menu.

Bit of advice, OP. I loved the idea, but to make their dialog separate from the mingebag text, give them speech bubbles.

Reminds me of the good old days in GMod 9, as a matter of fact.

Will do from now on, thanks.

Then my “half-ass it to make it look crappy yet appealing” plan must have worked! :smile:

…Not that I can make it look better until I actually start to pose and make screenies properly, but at the very least I tried to turn my disadvantage into an advantage.

And it worked out, in my opinion, it’s really funny xD
And I’ll take your advice, I’ll never again pose ragdolls in painful and/or awkward positions. Quite shocking.

Oh god, the phong bug!

Expected shitty comic, was pleasantly surprised.

I liked it. Good Job.

Awesome comic


Donate to the Red Cross now to help.

This type of thing is not actually happening on public servers now is it?

0:27 is what happens when no admin is present

The last time I saw this in game was in HL2 DM, but they got tired of ragdolls and used npc animation instead, I don’t get why they kept on hooking barney and alyx together all the time.