Ok, well, I had some practice in C++ and JAVA and then after realizing that JAVA is somewhat similar to LUA and focused on that. Then I decided I would try to make a gamemode, and here it is:
(Also, I’m not very socializing or proper in some senses, so sorry if something comes off wrong)

Barrage is a game mode that is very simple, and should probably be a Fretta, since you may get bored quickly. There is no special thing or anything (but I do hope to add something interesting, which is really why I’m making this thread, I need ideas). It is a game where you have a allotted (Spelling fail?) time to build a base and to kill the other 3 teams. You can select a class (which the class list is expanding) and then set out to kill the other team (hopefully and objective will be added?) and then the round restarts, you have gathered money from killing, and time to refortify your base.

This is what I need some advice in and some suggestions, not lua help, just some sort of idea for an objective. So far these are some ideas came up with:
[li]One player is selected as a miner and has to dig down into the map and find something to win the game(Ruled: Perhaps, would need a mapper though)[/li][li]A sort of VIP gamemode (Ruled: No, one player would have no fun)[/li][li]CTF where players control the flag spawn AND it will the capture zone? perhap’s this will prevent people from putting it in insane places. (Ruled: Very likely, but still…)[/li][li](suggestions will be added )[/li][/ul]

(Not really sure what to consider a feature)
[li]Money Saving System (Stat’s also, perhaps?)[/li][/li][li]Balanced Classes (though not enough testing has been done to ensure this yet)[/li][/li][li]Counter’s for most classes (kind of the same as above)[/li][/li][/ul]

Basic structure = [95%] (It’s time to optimize, sigh)
Scoreboard/HUD = [98%] (Hoping to get some additions in, but not sure if they’re necessary)
Class/Team Balance = [N/A] (It’s hard to tell EST.80%)
Objective = [0%] (Other than simply killing the other team)
Commands/Help = [70%] (Got to add and make some commands)
PropHealth = Debugging [99%] (There are a few thing’s that need fixing, I could also change it?)

An Objective
Bigger map
More Classes? Additional Weapons?
Limits of travel for BuildMode? Those minges…
BIGONE:Spawn Invulnerability

Well, not sure what else to do here, other than post screenshots:
Current map overview
Basic Base
TeamMenu (Need to make this nicer and more informative

Hopefully going to get some videos soon.

Update’s :

ATM? None yet
JULY 8 - Working on CTF mode, making CTF spawn points and stuff.
JULY 9 - The CTF was broken by Prop Protection and many, MANY other things, going to take a different approach.
.      - Engineer Class received Turret capabilities!

Conman420 - Your gamemode was a great resource and was very friendly
Darthneo - Helping with problems here and there
The Community in Newbie Questions for helping me out in the beginning.

Occasionally there is a server up, but I’m having issues with it.
Well anyway, back to the reason I really wanted to make this thread, I need some suggestions for an objective, please do suggest, thank you.

Capture the flag. really, I’ve seen a few base building gamemodes but never one involving capture the flag, maybe let players put the flag where ever they want. But so comes the problem that they put it somewhere nigh impossible to get to…

I played with Kalik on the server in GMod…

It’s overall epic,but can be built on…

This actually appears to be a very well made gamemode.

Thanks for the comments and ideas. Capture the flag was actually brought up by a friend a week ago, but I dismissed it at the thought of cheating. I guess I’ll have to figure something out. But I’m liking the idea of CTF for this.

Wow, after quite a close call of some random init file saving over my actualy gamemode init, (it did save over) I thankfully had a flashdrive with a ,uh… somewhat updated version of the gamemode, which was missing 1 command, some debugs, and 2 classes, but it wasnt difficult to get them back in. Currently working on something, but the brain fart’s are everywhere…

Seems somewhat interesting, hope you’ll have working screenshots and videos to show us.

Just a quick question, you make it sound like the screenshot’s do not work. Can you not access them? Or are you saying, I hope that there will be more?

Is that the OE1 menu?

I don’t really care if it is but it looks almost exactly like it.

That’s what I wondered when I hopped on the server haha.

I can see the thumbnails but I can’t access the real sized screenshots.

Pretty much, I literally had absolutely no idea what I was doing back then when I started this off and my brain was… stuff, can’t think of a word to describe it, but yes it is. I was looking through game modes back then due to the fact that I had no idea of what the “Game mode function’s” were and similar things. And I found that your game mode was a very nice and neat code that taught me quickly. But when it came to dermapanels, I had no idea what was what and I still barely do.

So yes. Oh, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have a “credit” thing. But yea, in all honestly, a lot of it goes to you.


Would you like to to post them in img tags? or whatever it’s called? (And have them the actual resoultion. )

Well its good people are learning from it. :smiley:

Its no problem just wondering.

This is on hold for a little, since Exilerate asked me to make the Fort Carnage Gamemode, and I figured I needed some extra practice and I hope that I learn something handy. Though I doubt many people really look forward to this, but to those that do: I’ll get back to it, no worries.