Barred Windows?

As of now, I don’t want to put windows on my base because that is just one more exploit for someone to find a way to build up to (even though I have the foundations with pillars in the middle) and get into my home. I wish there was a way where I can shoot out and still be shot at, without the possibility of someone jumping in. Like add bars for windows. I don’t like the fact you can set a door at a window right now… They should only make it where doors can go in door frames… I don’t like the griefing behind it nor do I like the window issue.

Well I guess there will be addition to the in the next future about these features but for now you just have to bear with us :slight_smile:


With the pillars, if they are attacted to your building, not exactly the best idea. You would now have to make more attacted and make the pillars higher so if somebody walked past and decided they wanted to raid you, they would probably second think