Barrel Cannon

I made a barrel cannon
Here is the link:

Let this thread die right now…

power draining… muscles weakening… blaghhhhhhh. X.X


It’s Ama-


Well…atleast its erm…? thinks hard a start!

i will castrate you with the fury of a thousand angry men if you do not improve right now


Hey ghuys i made a barrel cannon- 1post attack!!!

go fuck a goat you fucking nigger. remake the contraption too…

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Looks like something made from a youtube tutorial.

don’t listen to these bullies its very nice, maybe after a bit of practice you can upload some more complex stuff keep up the good work

Yes, we are big bad bully elitists that rule the contraptions forum.

lol, yeah you have bullied me enough :slight_smile:

Don’t encourage this.

For the love of god, don’t.

Wow, banned twice for the same post. Smooth.

That aside, don’t post your first ever contraption. Show it around a bit ingame, and get some comments. Then build bigger!

It is very clean and well put together; it’s just that everyone and their mother here has made one of these (and I’ve made a seven-barrel rotary cannon :v:)

Agreed, perhaps maybe look around on the forums, see about other contraptions in the same…detail level, cpmplexity, etc, and see what ratings they got.

I suggest adding wiremod, improving the design, making it look incer… then it might be threadworthy. basically: keep working on it.


actually, I never built one of these. I sorta started with thruster jeeps, then random stuff, pod racer, more random stuff, learned some wire, built some adv pod stuff, built phx crap, got really not bad at wiremod, now I’m building above-average, just about threadworthy, stuff. well, it might be threadworthy if I can ever get thrusters or multiplayer fixed… if anyone actually want to see the HMS eames, feel free to ask…

Thanks 4 life story dag.