Barrel System thoughts?

I came back to rust on the heli update, its pretty cool but dont see it much b/c bigger groups take it down…


Whats up with this new barrel system, I myself do not like it at all only on roads, radtowns, other structure places and around caves… its a pain to get some barrels with bigger groups that take over area’s and wall stuff off… what are you thoughts and how do you suggest a returning player get some of these barrels to get bp’s

Play on a modded server with Cornucopia setup to spawn random barrels and rad town crates over the map. It’s a plugin I wrote that allows admins to setup the server so it spawns them all over the place like the good old days.

Before anyone cries out against modded servers, not all of them are heavily modded circuses… I run one that’s lightly modded and pretty well balanced. Definitely faster scale than vanilla but not that much.

Don’t bother with the modded servers, big groups seem to always ignor the house by itself, set up reasonably close and farm it for BP frags

Most of my Rust plays involve running along the road hoarding BPs until I get bored.