Barrel Yacht

The amount of details in this is great, can’t stop spotting things to look at. It’s a bit too dark imo. Also I’m having trouble understanding the environment they’re in because everything is super cluttered (I suppose it’s what you were going for though).

Can’t help but prefer unedited version contrast wise plus you can really see all the details there.

The way you did the depth of field really fucks with the focus.

I was going to say this as well, listen to the DoF expert.

Otherwise I like the small details, and I’m a sucker for HL2/Sandbox themes anyways.

This is a really neat concept, i agree that the original is neater without the blur. You should’ve made the water reflect a bit imo.

Wondering if fog/mist woulda been a better choice than the DoF.

Yeah fuck you too.