Barret AS50 Sniper Rifle...

If someone could model/hex this weapon I would greatly appreciate it :smiley:

Here’s an image;

I’ve searched on here and couldn’t find one that was already made.

im interested now find me an image directly to the side and pm me it.


not meaning to hijack a thread, but how come my request for v and w models is being ignored, (requesting interesting swep models) and this one already has a few replies… even though there are almost 50 billion versions of a .50 whatever the hell you want on

This makes me sad :frowning:

Not even close actually

By the way, Accuracy International (a UK company, same folks who make the L96/AWM family) make the AS50. Barrett, a US company, have nothing whatsoever to do with it.

The only thing the Barrett M82 (or M95) has in common with the AS50 to the best of my knowledge is that they all use the .50 Browning Machine Gun round (so called because it was designed for use in - wait for it - the Browning M2 machine gun).

Maybe it’s because you’re asking for 6 totally new weapons? To be modelled, skinned, rigged and then animated. Even one could take weeks to finish.


Having negative smartness isn’t really helping your cause either.

Having negative smartness should not matter a goddamn thing. I mean really, some people put WAY too much emphasis on this, all it means is that I either made spelling/grammar errors, or that I frankly don’t give a damn about either on a forum where I’m totally anonymous anyways.

Actually, you bring up a good point for the weapons, I hadn’t really thought about having them animated. I’ll go cut down some of the ones that I really don’t need.

Well, I don’t make it up, it’s how most people react here. I know bad spelling doesn’t always mean being dumb, but users tend to favor the people with positive smartness.

I think 3 would be more realistic amount to do in, say, a month.

But this is getting slightly off topic. :v:

Yeah, it’s definitely getting away from the topic itself. I’m all for seeing this get modeled.

A friend of mine actually did start one ages ago, 2 years at least. No idea what happened to it.

Yep again, apologizing for the small hijack.

If it helps I found some side views from a manual (Hope you can ignore the numbers :P)

Left view :

Right view :

Here’s where I merged them together:

But these are SO BORING! There must be over a billion models for a .50 sniper rifle! It’s old hat!

It’s always the M4, MP5, M16 or Barret for you people! Enough!

It would be nice if whoever makes this model add some sort of sci fiction element to it or something DIFFERENT for a change…I’m done ranting now.

…Did you read anything I posted?

It’s not a Barrett. It doesn’t even resemble a Barrett .50 cal rifle to anyone who knows the first thing about guns. It’s also not boring for everyone.

Not to mention I have seen absolutely ZERO AS50 models for Source games, AND you have no right to come in and tell someone to withdraw their request just because YOU don’t agree with it.

Alright, I will stop complaining.

What exactly do you intend to do with this?

Just saying, but just because something isn’t a model in a source game yet isn’t really a reason to include it. I would have requested a collection of gold and gem encrusted pens if this wasn’t true.

But hey, whatever floats your boat.

You tried to justify your ‘it’s boring and you shouldn’t ask for it’ argument by claiming there are plenty of Barrett rifles. It’s not a Barrett rifle, and there aren’t plenty of AS50s. I never said anything like “we don’t have one in Source quick someone make it”.

Yes I am now aware that it isn’t a Barrett rifle. My question is: why does it matter? Unless your doing whatever, and targeting, a more gun-knowledgeable crowd, they won’t care very much WHAT it is.

The fact that it’s a sniper and its .50 makes it ‘automatically awesome’

The point: Why make another .50 sniper rifle by a different name and look when there are already hundreds of other .50 sniper rifles out there?

Yea sorry I forgot it wasn’t a barret, I saw it on the Military channel. Program related to snipers and how they have evolved, this was at the top of the list.

I saw it and I fell in love :smiley:

And Stickmna, I never asked you to post a suggestion/opinion. Get off my thread and stop posting idiotic crap that isn’t related to creating a model for me.

precision for perfection is within you :smiley:

Stickmna the reason why the AS50 is so amazing is simply because it’s the only semi automatic sniper rifle that is nearly as accurate as a bullpop sniper rifle. The average bullpop has a spread of 1 inch over 2000yards the AS50 has a spread of 1.5 inch’s. So in effect you can lay down 5 rounds in a matter of seconds with almost the same accuracy as a bullpop which takes around 30 seconds to fire 5 rounds. At 200 yards the AS50 with an armoured peircing round can tear through 2 sheets of armour steel like a hot knife through butter and still will keep going and that was just at it’s testing stage.