Barricade Design

I like the new barricade designs, but I’d like to see something that can also create a superior defensible position to fire from. Here’s a quick concept for a metal barricade that could be placed anywhere. It’s similar to the old wood ones from Legacy, but this one has a gun slot in the front, and side protection.

In military or war terms, is there a difference between a barricade and a barrier?

It looks like they are working on the spiked wall barricade-type stuff, and not the legacy barricade (despite calling it ‘barricades’).

Do you think we’ll get the quick deploy barricades back? I just realized that the lack of those might be a big part of what frustrates me when mentally comparing legacy combat with new combat.

They aren’t terribly realistic, but they were handy and would extend battles, making them more enjoyable.

At one point I saw those barricades on Trello, but no idea what the plan is. I used them a lot in my bases in front of windows, but always left room to walk in front of it to see outside.

Having these as quick deploy items that are non-stackable and heavy (when weight is added) would be cool. Also rather than taking damage to the entire object and just disappearing it would be cool if individual panels could break and fall off.

Nice work, i’d put wooden wheels on the front and a push bar at the back that way it can be moved closer to what ever your approaching

This is not a barricade, it is a bunker.

Aren’t bunkers supposed to be fully enclosed, or at least enough so that only a doorway is open?

Semantics aside I think we can agree on what it does.