Barroom Brawl

The lighting on the bald dude’s head really bugs me, but there wasn’t much I could do. I just wanted to take a break from the average “Pew Pew” poses.

I like Francis’s pose.

i read the title as "bathroom brawl, was surely disapointed

That can be my next pose.

alittle empty space if u ask me, and those stools are too high, should use other ones,

Everything is too relaxed. When I think barroom brawl I tend to imagine chaos and brutal beatings.

They look like girls fighting. If I were to hit somebody in the head with a bottle
I’d put all my force and thrust into it just in case it doesn’t break.

Also whoever made that map should reconsider the lighting, darker, unless you did something to it.
Some people’s feet are messed up, you can see them, and why isn’t the bartender calling the police
since he doesn’t have any security.

Because he has a shotgun. :v:

Exactly, if you kill them and hide their bodies well, most preferably in a pie, you never have to work with the police. And you don’t have to buy groceries.

Me too I was excpecting a Warriors pose :smithicide:

The posing is bad; way too relaxed.

I was expected Ballroom Brawl…
Just with some no-teeth accent.

What strange lighting.

There is not enough passion in their movement for me.