Barroth (Monster Hunter Tri)

That thing that likes to roll around in mud.

[ul]Eye posing[/ul]
[ul]Finger posing[/ul]
[ul]Toe posing via toe poser[/ul]
[ul]4 sizes (0.3x small, 1x regular, 3x big, 7x bigger)[/ul]
[ul]Bodygrouped mud armour[/ul]


Things to note
Arms like to fly everywhere sometimes.

Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model.

Toe poser:

Also on Toybox.

Epic Work!!!

I wake up to this!

Barroth is based off;a Dog,Lobster,Rhino,and Hippo.

And I sleep to this!

4:25am right now and I am off.

Also I noticed that the head can be damaged, but I didn’t add it in as a bodygroup. If I did, there would be texture seams/split edges on the head, and the model won’t be smooth.

my god! you spit them out just like a machine! keep 'em coming!

I hated this god damned thing with a passion.
Anything else I can handle, ANYTHING.
But this sun of a bitch rolls his scaly ass in and I’m screwed.

These are really great! you do very nice work on these monsters, are you planning on doing them all?
I would love to see a rathalos.

A collection would certainly be nice to have. Awesome work on the model. Got my download. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Dayum ooga, your like some sort of machine when it comes to releasing huge ass monsters. It’s like a new model every day! Nice work!

I just feel that monsters are a minority. :frown:

this guy man

he was hard to kill with a S&S

I really like your monsters