Bartosz - A DGA Series

Hi there,
i want to introduce my Garrys Mod Comic/Movie Series to you.

Its called:

Its about a little naiv boy named “Bartosz” (in the middle) and his nemesis “Prof. Wurst for-a-head” (left - behind the tree) who always wants to make B. suffer in a very cruel way.
Later in the series, Prof. Wurst for-a-head´s evil sidekick “Mr. Rottenbreath” (behind B´s left shoulder) and Bartosz´s always pissed of friend “Romina” (right - in front of the rock) will also appear.

I produced 13 Episodes, but only translated 5 in English so far. (If you like them, i can translate more)

here are the episodes:

Episode 01: The trap

Episode 02: The diabolic scheme

Episode 03: Night of the dying losers

Episode 04: Food war

Episode 05: A new rivalry

Constructive criticism is always welcome, so please comment.
Hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:

That was boring to say the least.

I believe comics should not be in video’s, they should be on webpages so they can re-read the part they want with using the pause button or moving the seek.