Baryonic Predicament - A Half-Life 2: Ep2 singleplayer mod in development


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Baryonic Predicament is a singleplayer mod for HL2:Ep2 that I am currently working on. (and been working on for three months)

The gameplay is similar to my previous maps. Lots of puzzles and combat.
You can find my previous maps here:
PlanetPhillip is a great website and y’all should be using it. Also you should play all my maps.

I could release this as a HL2:Ep2 map-pack but I have decided to release it as a mod, since it has quite a bit of gameplay in it and nobody likes map-packs.
This mod is planned to have four maps in it and over an hour worth of gameplay.





If these screenshots aren’t working, you can also find them here:

Estimated release date: Expect release on Saturday, 28th July

It looks excellent.

Really good stuff, looking forward to the release.

Sweet design bro, lighting and attention to detail looks crazy good like always. I’ll be watching for release, finally something to get me back into source gaming again.

Looks good dude, keep it up.

Looks good mate. If it’s filled with puzzles and stuff like usual, it’s going to be time well spent.




hhhhhhhnnhhhhhnnhh oh my god that is fucking beautiful

Expect release on Saturday, 28th July

I hope this won’t end up like Holiest Cow’s mod, where the mapping is pretty awesome but the story and gunplay is bland.

In Australia, it is currently the 28th of July.
I expect early release for all Australians immediately.

This mod is now released

Your work is amazing as always! I loved the [sp]huge underground cave section, especially the gunship battle[/sp].

Mod looks great and the puzzles are unique and sometimes quite difficult. Pacing between combat and puzzle-solving was nice, and escalated until the end. My only quip is that you should really look into modeling some of the puzzle items.

Wasn’t bad at all. At times I wondered what the hell to do and eventually figured it out.

The bit where [sp]you fire the crossbow arrows along the walls to hit the target was fuck annoying though[/sp]. Neat idea, but just don’t do it again. :frowning:

But the puzzles where generally fun and imaginative. Very hard HL2 styled too. :slight_smile:

Mapping was nice, there where a few bits that screwed up. Other than that, nice job on that front too.

Storyline wasn’t so good in my favour. More to the point, I don’t feel like there was one at all. It was [sp]solve puzzle. Fight combine. Repeat[/sp]. Really repetitive.

AI screwed up a tiny bit, but it wasn’t a biggie.

Sometimes I lagged like hell though. Not sure if it was my PC or the game but although I was getting an average of 60FPS at the worst, it still lagged like mad. Mainly around the part where [sp]all of those floating buildings were (not sure how to describe them)[/sp].

Weapons were randomly scattered too. No logic as to how they got there, IMO.

Other than that, nice job. You put effort into this, and I’d give it a 7/10. Have a hat. :3