|BaS| MadHouse New 2/13 PVP,Airdrops, Base Alarm, Remove Tool, Doorshare Rare C4+M4

Please Delete… I couldn’t change title…

Check us out… we need population of course… :slight_smile:

Admin seems to be on 24/7 minus sleep hours and the server does not have lag, which is a plus! All mods currently on server work great.

Thanks Hepburn, i am on alot and right now we have 5 in server so hopefully it keeps growing.

Well there were 5 :confused: We just need more people… Players PLEASE join! Thank you!

Been playing the server for a day. ZERO LAG!. Admins get there own shit without cheeting which is cool too. Going to be a good server i think

Yup no admin abuse… not going to happen. but right now we have 5 in server and more the better… no lag or crashing… love it.

BTW might, you have a nice base. :slight_smile: seriously, its big!!!

Yeah, he resourced that quick. It’s too much out in the open for me though.

yeah it is in the open…

Will some more people come play please? :slight_smile:

Great Server need population, come play we have airdrops set to 5 to up population… come have some fun… we have about 10 active people…

Come check us out, just updated Mods, so we can have fun without THE LAG ISSUES///

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very new, great spots for bases still and airdrops at 5.? also no crashing or lag and we need population, also very friendly population so far. so i am sure it will change soon… come join and get some airdrops and start off on a great note…

Server is up with no mods right now, so if you want to jump in and get a head start by maybe finding an M4 or even c4, now is your chance… waiting for new oxide mod update… so jump in and take advantage… still alot of great spots for building a base with it being a newer server.

Server is back up and going good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know! Now if more people would just join, it would be a MADHOUSE!

Come check it out, its new, still alot of great spots to build bases

i have been on it for 3 days and its great need more population come play.

thanks David, when you see me in game i will give you some resources for replying. :slight_smile: I am also looking for some admins for server to help me and shooter out, if you come play and are active for awhile i may ask you.

server is up and running, come in and play