Base build that is impossible to be sleeping bagged.. and some tips.

Kinda… Credit goes to jedialthewise or whatever his name is.

His 3x1 with the pillar in the middle and having to jump across makes scaling the base impossible with sleeping bags unless you pillar along side it(Which can be prevented if you get lucky and find metal foundations, throw those up and chances are people won’t try to get metal pillars and pillarcade up.

Here’s a guide to the base: Jediael's 3x1 Tower Demonstration - Rust Build Tutorial - YouTube

I personally use variations of this build, It involves a eagles nest allowing me to snipe people from high up, credit goes to my buddy Sleeper for showing me.


  1. A good thing to do is put up barricades/sleepingbags/large wood storages along the inner wall of the bottom floor, helps stop many annoying noob baggers
  2. Also be sure to(if your server admin allows it), put small stashes under your metal doors, this can still be taken, but it takes a serious veteran bagger to do so.
  3. Your 3x1 base MUST be atleast 4 stories high to be safe from baggers(store the important shit on the floor that has the stairway going from 3rd floor to 4th. if the bagger is good, he can technically get in your base and use your furnace to jump onto the doors bottom half(it’s kinda buggy) and place a sleeping bag on your 2nd floor going to 3rd.

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Best of luck to you out there,

I dont want to make youre guide useless but its still possible.
its just a little bit harder we got raided by a “bagger” with the same stuff.

Youre right its safer against that but imagine he has 2 c4 and all your efforts are gone.

Okay please fill me in. What is a bagger? How is someone raiding using bags?

People can edit some lines in a game data file and walls will disappear. They can place sleeping bag “through the walls” and get from room to room this way.

Yeah I just went over to reddit and read about it. Totally lame.

This seems good for second floor and higher, but the open door bridge can be bypassed from first to second floor with a large storage and barricade.

Still neat though.

I hope this triggers a VAC ban.

And why isnt stuff like tgis fixed?
I dont care “they not updating this version anymore” or " they better work on the new version then waste time with the old"
Stuff like this should be fixed, a anti better anticheat etc.
It ruinned the game completelly and we dont know when the new veersion will be up and runing stable and with loads of stuff to do and use.

The key is to play on a server with sharp admins with a low threshhold for stupid nonsense.

Dude… much appreciation for posting this (and to jedialthewise of course). My friend and I have been enjoying the game but keep getting sleep-bagged every couple of nights (which sounds disgustingly humorous) and were on the verge of just admitting defeat against the baggers.

Still a shame that players can’t build a home based on pure creativity, rather than something centered around anti-exploitation tactics, but it’s nice to know that there are options out there for those that want to continue playing the game.

It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve heard they can use the same exploit to fall through the ceilings. If that’s the case then It seems like one would need to build an extra floor to protect against it. Any experience with this? Is that the reason for the “at least 4 stories high” comment?

Your first level “door” thingy is skip-able by placing barricades.

Can they place barricades if you surround the house with foundation blocks and pillars? He mentions it briefly in the video, so I assumed that would be a sound defense, but haven’t tried it myself.

In 1200 hours of Rust I’ve never ever been sleeping bagged, what servers do you guys play!?

I’m on one of the few “official” servers. Crazy if you’ve actually logged that number of hours without having to deal with this. Either you’re extremely lucky, on a low-pop server, built in an extremely remote location, or have one hell of an admin.

Whatever the reason, consider it a blessing… because trust me when I say that it completely sucks when you login, appear in a field and know that you’ve most likely been bagged by someone that spent 20 minutes to easily negate several hours (or days) of work you just put into the game.

Well I played over 20 different server or so I guess.
But never on official servers, I don’t get it why do people even bother going there. The only thing I read is hacker/bagger galore…

I must say I’ve been and am atm an admin my self I guess I spent 600 hours as admin and about 600 as player. I played servers with 50/50 people and admin’n them al the time. Never hade a case of baggers not even from other players that would have told me cause I’m admin.

I really think you should search for a nice community/modded server (although that can be a hell of search) I’m not gonna plug our own server, (it’s the link under my profile pic in case you’re interested) it’s heavily modded tho. But we got an admin team of 4 we are on 24/7. It’s the only way to play this game in a bit of a fair way.

Just throwing it out there that if you happen to land on a server running RustEssentials there is now an option that prohibits other players placing sleeping bags and beds within a radius setable by the admin. Effectively stopped sleeping glitching dead in its tracks.

Just something to take note of if you are server hopping looking for a modded server free of sleeping bag glitchers!

Thanks for the feedback,

Maybe that’s it, we kind of assumed that the official servers would provide a more regulated environment but it’s looking like that’s not the case. Still, after watching x number of YouTube videos on the subject, I’m somewhat concerned about getting banned in the off chance that my friend and I encounter a couple of people that scream “hacker!” because we happen to get the upper hand, but I guess that’s far less likely than getting bagged on an official server at this point. We’re decent, but not that great.

Neither of us are on this level, but it would undoubtedly suck if we found ourselves in this position:

I think you will find out that actually all the experienced players are on modded servers and that you won’t get the upper hand that easy. The official servers aren’t filled with hackers/baggers only there are also a lot of squeakers who shout out Hacker by the second headshot. Make sure you find a server with a mature admin team. We know exactly what legit players can and can’t do. One of the reasons we have undercover admins, we send one to a suspect and see what happens and how he gets killed.

Yeah, I think you’re right, and thanks for the input. Legacy seems pretty much abandoned at this point so it would make sense that the community / modded servers would inevitably fill the gap in the interim. Neither of us are pros when it comes to gunfights in Rust, so it’s not very likely that we’ll find ourselves on the receiving end of an aimbotting accusation anytime soon.

Maybe it’s deserving of another chance…

Thanks for the help.

I’m talking about on the inside where he uses the doors to walk around