Base building tips?

I was just wondering if any of you had some base building tips you could share?

Lots of enclosed triangles. Nothing more discouraging than breaking one wall and seeing two more.

Think as a raider, one wall would not stop you, woudnt it?

Never keep anything valuable lower than the 4th level in a base.

Don’t leave vulnerable steps in your base. Either build up each time you’re on or have every level of stairs as twigs in an individual armored box (the twigs will be destroyed if someone C4s into the box).

Cupboards. Everywhere, but in particular make sure you have 1 in each corner of the base. Stops people building raid towers and jumping on your roof. And put them in armored boxes, this forces raiders to C4 all the boxes (destroying the cupboards) if they want to take over the base, they can’t just find the original cupboard and authorize on that. And reset the authorization on cupboards regularly (or before you seal them up in armored boxes) to make sure no one has snuck in and authorized themself.

Foundations should be stone or armor, avoid metal and wood because they are easily destroyed by C4 and pick-axes respectively.

Don’t make your base lower then 4 floors.
Delete the stairs on the first and second floor.
Don’t put boxes,furnaces,tables or low walls on the lower floors.
Make sure all your doors are locked on the lower floors because people can jump on doors that are open.
Make sure you main cupboard (oldest one) is on the 4th floor or higher.
Put 4+ secondary cupboard in the corners of your house.
For increased security you can put a few closed off cupboards on the outside around your base.

One time i found two guys at the mountain in very hidee position, they had many boxes on the ground, they didnt made a house.

put boxes in water

Useless against C4 users … C4 blast range means that the original way is destroyed but your secondary walls also suffer extensive damage. If C4 only damaged the original wall it was attached upon, then yes …

Another problem you will have is … you need to get in your base. So unless you make a 100 door base, they can simply blast your doors and follow it or blast next to your doors.

Triangle bases are good against pickaxes etc but the moment rockets and C4 come into play… I see people making honeycomb bases and the more i play, i see major flaws in that design. Even with the normal square, the walls are too close to one and other.

I am starting to think instead of:

1² 1²
1² 1²

Its better to have

2² 2²
2² 2²

Room designs. Yes, your base will be a lot bigger and take some more resources. But the blast range will only damage one room its primary walls and not also damage the secondary rooms.

Other tips:

  • enclosed closed cupboards outside. They are cheap on the resources ( 1 foundation, 4 walls and 1 roof/floor ) made out of stone and then your cupboard. So all you spend is 300 wood in the original twig design, another 1500 stone and 1000 wood for the cupboard.

Do not relay just on the cupboards in your base! I have twig jumped plenty of buildings with corner cupboards.

  • Barricades are your best friends. They can trap / annoy / delay the enemies. Armored barricades take more resources to destroy then a enemy going after a armored wall ( you need foundations armored + armored wall ) vs 500 iron barricade that can be placed on the ground without foundation. Or you can simply make wooden barricades everywhere. Nothing more fun to stop a solo raider then have him fall into a barricade and unable to get out. And it also saves on maintenance costs with the decay now.

Other advantage, anybody trying to twig raid and they miss there jump … bwahaaaaaa :slight_smile:

Also place them on your roof. While enemy can C4 them, if the floor below is a long drop down, combined with high range… Also, do not forget to place barricades in your empty “drop” rooms. So if they destroy the roof and jump, then a) will fall more then they expected. b) if by some miracle they survive, they get barricaded. Barricades are way better then bear traps. No reset needed and take way more damage. Unlike bear traps that can be set off with just arrows.

  • Run your furnaces when your online. I found that furnace sound is a perfect way to tell where in a base the main furnace room is ( and most people also have there chest nearby ).

If you are loaded on resources you can fake furnace by making 4 in each corner of your building, loading it full with wood ( all blocks ). That way they can not tell where your real furnaces room is. But its kind if resource intensive ( especially with the slow wood cutting / gathering ).

  • If you know a spot might be weak but you expect the enemy will not know about it. Be sure that you have a 90% chance the enemy will attack that spot! The most difficult part of base building is making a base with no real soft spots. And because you need to access your own base, there are always soft spots. Access routes to get to your loot / furnaces room. Access to your cupboards. Access to your defense / snipping windows. Your roof!

  • “Cheat” with buildup’s … personally i find them not so fair because solo players in general do not have the resources to deal with buildup’s. Clans / Group raids on the other hand will have a lot of rockets. So prepare these days to have all your floors shot out.

The main problem you will face is size / resources vs protection. The more layers of protection you want to add = the more walls / defenses that need to be breached. Your original base can be small and compact but in general does not need a lot of effort to breach. As you expand and add more walls, you increase the costs for the raider but your cost to make each expanding layer keeps increasing exponentially. Ideally is a spot with 2 or 3 rocks that are in a tunnel so your costs stay the same. But again … rocks = claimable spots = your roof becomes your weak spot so you need to layer up there more & more.

Make it big and make it armored is my motto. I made a huge armored base on my own this last wipe, took me 2 intense days solo to make and 3 weeks later, it survived 3 massive raids and the only time I lost something was the same night I built it and it’s because half of it was still sheet metal pending upgrades. I “lost” 14 c4 and stuff to make 5-6 more that night, but they had to spend it all to get out of the hole they dug themselves in so it was a no profit raid for them anyways (they came in from the side entrance, got to the bottom, but couldn’t find my cupboard and had no way to get out other than blasting their way out the front).

This was a cave build… 100% filled, 100% armored. I focused on building/farming exclusively until it was done. I traded some bp’s I randomly found for resources as well while building it to speed up the process. Ran 20 forges full time to keep the metal flowing.

The thing is, big bases always attract the big groups of raiders. I have a small base design that fits a furnace, cupboard, sleeping bag, campfire, and 4 large chests. They’ve never been raided, they’re cheap, and I build 4 or 5 of them around the map.

The only issue is that they’re nothing more than shelters. So if you’re more into building and protecting a base this isn’t the design.

Big groups smashes small bases in 5 seconds thats why noone is talking about it. Thats why u think theyre not interested about small bases.

If u want to be safe u need big, hard, pro, skilled, genius, smart, rare playes in your team, one of gosu is better than 10 regular players.
If u cant find players like those u can pay others to defend you and yours hut.

Then why have my small bases never been raided?

When you have a ton of c4 to protect this is unacceptable. You want the cost to get said c4 from you to be higher than said c4, end of story. Doesn’t matter if I attract the big guys, base is built accordingly and all they are ever gonna do is waste their c4 for a net loss. Worse case I loose my stuff, but I’m still winning if the other team spent more c4 than they got. They don’t come back when that happens.

Mb ure playin on 2 ppl server so u need to find other guy and ask him.

Lol, okay. I’m afraid you’re uninformed and ignorant. I play on an official server with a steady population of 80-120 players and 2-3 hackers.

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The small base requires you to play the game differently that’s all. I don’t always play like this because I like to build a larger base and defend it. However, for beginners and solo players it’s a viable alternative.

In order to sustain your supplies you don’t do much crafting or resource gathering. The 4 crates I keep in them are literally stuffed with things I’ve gotten from killing other players and raiding the medium sized and poorly built bases. This play style requires aggressive KOS and clever raiding techniques - it’s a nomadic style not a go big and plant your ass inside your C4 factory.

EDIT: I also have a friend that plays. He’s in our group of 4-6 and spends most of his time stashing everything in campfires and sleeping in bushes. He moved all of his campfire stashes into our base at one point and filled 2 large crates with guns, ammo, armor, and resources. This stuff was untouched for days.

Lucky? Or maybe your bases are in hidden spots where most people do not come.

But i can tell from experience every small base got raided on my server. Even those in the snowy end of the map area’s. My base might have been the exception ( unraided for two weeks ) until i started to build it out. And some clan noticed my barricades on a hill ( to prevent people from jumping on top, just the outer defense layer ). They even said if it was not for those barricades they will not have noticed the base.

The trick to small bases is to make them look not interesting… like having unfinished walls, gaps etc … so it looks raided already. Maybe people will enter to look around but most do not bother blowing a armored door what is probably hiding the cabinet.

I have seen some players on my server placing a cabinet / sleeping bags / chests with the most valuable stuff in a rock / armored door room. To draw less attention. And it works. The same guys deliberately? kept there doors unlocked. People entered, stole some stuff but never bother with what everybody considered the cupboard room. I bothered and found rocket launcher, rifles, ammo and other goodies.

So, if you do not get raided its very strange. Because even 2x1 gets raided over here. That is actually a problem because its scares away some of the new players ( server has a fairly established / experienced amount of players ).

Yea, i assume that some of your bases are in such hidden locations that people easily run past them without realizing they are there.

Another few tips:

  • Cupboard protect your base from building in or around it but they also have a massive disadvantage. If your base is hidden in a cave or behind some rocks, a place where nobody normally looks, the simple fact is that your cupboards can give you away. Found several small hidden bases this way.

  • Trees are your friends. If trees surround your base, do not cut them down. It makes locating your base visually a lot harder. Wish you where able to plant trees :slight_smile:

  • Brushes are also useful if you make a 1x1 room.

  • Upgrade to the material that makes you blend in. If you have a big dark rock formation behind your base, use armored as camouflage. If you are in the desert, armored is much more noticeable.

Just abuse the unraidable rock base until it gets fixed. It’s literally the best thing you can do right now.

You’re not thinking about the problem correctly. Security always comes in layers. The idea is to make your base as unappealing and unrewarding as possible. If they need to spend more C4 breaking through those walls, their cost to raid just went up. If they spend 8 C4 getting in but only get 2 C4 worth of resources, it wasn’t really worth it; you just cost them 6 C4 worth of time and resources. That’s why layered walls are still a good idea. Even better is concentric rings of fences (with isolated foundations spaced at least one square apart) around a base.

An armored door is the same as an armored wall in terms of effort required to destroy. Build your doors into the triangle walls and the doors become irrelevant. Whether they’re blasting through six walls or six doors requires the same amount of time / resources.

This is why an onion defense works so well:

  1. Find a location that’s somewhat hidden. A depression on a hill, deep in a forest, in a rock patch, against a cliff, whatever.
  2. Build sensibly. Go at least two stories (if not four) so you have some protection against raids from the top.
  3. Start with armored walls.
  4. Upgrade those to triangle armored walls.
  5. Build a fence around your base.
  6. Upgrade that fence to armored.
  7. Build a second fence around your base with completely isolated foundations.
  8. Upgrade that to armored.
  9. Traps everywhere.
  10. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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There’s no such thing as an unraidable base. You can raid bases on rocks easily. You may not get out what you put in, but that’s true with any raid: you have to decide whether or not it’s worth it.

I can’t believe people are still whining about this. You can actually climb pretty much all tall rocks now. Rock bases are easier to raid than ever now. They’re still difficult compared to others, but far easier than they’ve ever been. If they’re not armoured, they’re now vulnerable to melee tools.