Base CPU/RAM requirements & per player RAM/CPU

If one were interested in buying a server to host role-play sessions or game types without a ton of addons/props, (300 props at most) what would be an average base requirement for CPU and RAM as well as per player RAM/CPU with a Linux server?

NOTE: Not interested in ads for server hosts.

Side question: Assuming RAM wasn’t a issue, how many slots could you run with a Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor 2374 HE? (2.2GHz)

Thanks! ^^

2-4 slots a core for build, 8-10 slots a core for roleplay.

Maybe a bit more if you know how to optimize.

It’ll probably lag a lot too.

Will the GMod server use multiple cores for one server?


That’s multiple threads, not cores, SRCDS can only use one physical core (with two threads, one for the game and one for networking)