base gamemode problem


I am trying to use a different base for my gamemode called “core”

	"title"		"Core"
	"base"		""

the part of my txt file of my gamemode

	"base"		"core"
	"title"		"My mod"
	"menusystem"	"1"
	"maps"	"^^coop_|^js_coop"

Can someone tellme why is it using base??
Because I am trying to override info_player_deathmatch but it get override by the base gamemode and my Core gamemode has no file named info_player_deathmatch.lua in entities.
If I delete the info_player_deathmatch.lua than my print console message is working when info_player_deathmatch is initialized.

It will always use Base as the lowest base of the gamemode.

my-mod is derived from core, core is derived from base.

Oh so I always need to override the base gamemode with my entities like info_player_start coop deathmatch after the update everytime :frowning: it would be better if it can override the base entities somehow.

You can, just put them into your addon?

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gamemode, whatever

Maybe addon can override it but gamemode is under the base rank so gamemode cant override it.


Thx Robotbox
Addon can override base gamemode :smiley:

You could always do a thing in InitPostEntity where you get rid of all info_player_deathmatch entities and replace them with your own

The map is using them as default and I want to use a better way.
Override the default entities.
But now solved it. thx all. :godzing: