base gamemode

hi i just changed my gamemode to cider and i have set up sql database propperly but when i start the game it goes straight to base gamemode!!!

can anyone help?

Have you set sv_defaultgamemode? If so, are there any errors in your server console related to cider?

i have set defult gamemode to cider

Couldn’t include file ‘cider/gamemode/cl_init.lua’ (File not found)

********** COULDN’T LOAD GAMEMODE!! **********

There was a problem opening the gamemode file ‘cider/gamemode/cl_init.lua’

Registering gamemode ‘cider’ derived from ‘base’

The error is pretty self explanatory, can you check to see if ‘cider/gamemode/cl_init.lua’ exists? Also, the last line tells you that cider is running, it’s just not noticeable clientside because cl_init isn’t being loaded. (Check this by typing ‘gamemode’ in console)

the file is there but it still dose not work same message shows up!

There may be a fault in the code, are there any other errors printed to the console?

that was the only error printed

The only other thing I can think of is that you might be using sv_downloadurl incorrectly.

how do you do that?