Base gamemode

Hey, everytime i install a mod onto my dedicated server (ukgame) and run it, i join the game to see if it worked, and when i press tab to see the scoreboard it says “Base gamemode… by garry newman” and then player names and score’s, iv’e tried with the onslought, cube and prophunt gamemode, so im sure its me doing something wrong.
Can somebody who is experianced with Garrys mod server hosting/gamemodes please help me out.

2 weeks old topic but I have the same problem as well. Bump

make sure you have used
Enable +sv_defaultgamemode and set it to DarkRP
Enable +sv_gamemode and set it to DarkRP

in your command line :slight_smile:

How do you nessecarly know that he wants to run darkrp?

Anyways, go to your autoexec.cfg file in the cfg folder. Add these lines to it

sv_defaultgamemode (gamemode name)
sv_gamemodeoverride (gamemode name)

for maps add

map (map name here)