Base got raided by hacker

Our Base got raided by a hacker yesterdy. He stole all our stuff. SO I am asking the admin to give back my stuff as compensation.

we had massive rockets, gunpowder, high metal, metal, and lots of other valuable stuff like weapons etc.

Server: Facepalm Tokio 1

My Name: Plautus

Id love to know how you know he was a hacker.

well, we are about 3 active guy with a base that has a wall around it. The guy just flies on the roof of our builidng or in our court. He killed me alreadyy a couple of times. Then the next day there was a whole in our building, despite the wall being still there unbroken.

Do you have proof?

i had heaps of stuff stolen by the same hacker. and a monet painting. and about $1000. admin please!!

Is there no admin who can respond to this?

I doubt you will get any admin to respond to this. Welcome to Rust.

worst forum

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worst admins

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worst post.

you provided basically no information, and absolutely no proof. you ask for (or rather demand) replacement of “massive rockets, gunpowder, high metal, metal, and lots of other valuable stuff like weapons etc.” from the game devs or the moderators of the forum. do you really expect that with this level of input from yourself the team will come to your server, and just spawn you a bunch of stuff based on your “word”?

Ghost hackers are back, my boy also got jacked yesterday.

Our “big” base just got rekted. We had big stone walls, I think they tried to blow it up, but they gave it up around 1250/2500. So i repaired it. when i went up the stairs i saw there is a big fkng hole at the wall round the 7th floor. there was a wardrobe everywhere so they couldn’t build anything. so in my opinion they just flew up there with hacks and exploded the wall, then they exactly exploded those wall wich had a stars up to warehouse, and the guns. im sure we got hacked. but it’s so shame. I dont mind if they take everything. My confusion is about they took the things away with hacks. I would say if they come up stair by stair and blow up all the doors, walls, sometimes they blow up unncessary walls etc. they use 100+ c4s and they took the things i would say they deserved those shits :smiley: btw this way was so unfair. hopefully when it’s going to be a stable version then these hacks will be gone. hopefully they get what they deserves… at least Steam id bann. :frowning:

And yeah. no one get killed, so we dont know any names… they are professional hackers. god bless them :slight_smile: