Base got roll'd overnight - did I get Admin'd?

So me and a buddy built a nice little base last night. Nothing impenetrable - 4 stories, metal doors, wall barricade surrounding the entire thing. Wake up this morning, the wall barricade is completely gone (the wall was made up of about 40 barricades) and random walls are missing from our base. I suppose it’s totally possible someone took the time to destroy an entire 40-barricade wall, plus destroy multiple random walls in our base…but seems unlikely. If only one section of the wall barricade was missing, and they destroyed one wood wall to get into the base, I’d figure we just got raided by some enterprising individual…but 40 barricades?? Did we get Admin’d, or is legitimately destroying all of that easier than I thought?

Our server is very moderately populated. 30 people on Sunday night, about 6-10 last night, and 0 this morning when I logged in and discovered the carnage.

I don’t really see how we could know more then you?

What’s your point?

Decay or Melee the barricade? Then a couple of C4 on your wall.

sorry mate, that sounds pretty lame. for me, it’s another reminder that there’s too much emphasis at the moment on significant events happening when one party is not even playing.

I don’t think you have been “Admin’d” – I hate that term already.

wood barriers decay really fast, its only like 8 or 12 hours? Then you wrote only a couple walls got blown up, sounds like a pretty easy raid and only an airdrop worth of c4

If its not impenetrable, and another player finds it, odds are its going to be opened and cleared out at some point, on a high pop server, doubley so.

Admin abuse seems to be the new hacking, by all accounts…

This was the point:

I didn’t realize wood barriers decayed that fast. Like I said in my OP, I knew my base wasn’t impenetrable, but I didn’t expect to see that much of it destroyed by the next morning. Now I understand better what happened.

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The fact that our base got raided didn’t surprise me. I was only surprised to see how much of it was destroyed. I didn’t realize wood barriers decayed within hours of being placed.

yea , they can also be hatchet’ed anyway.

I’m aware. The point was that it appeared someone destroyed all 40 barricades, which was completely unnecessary and would seem unnecessarily time consuming - i.e., it made me think an admin just came in and wiped them out.

But now I know better.

Wooden barricades are very weak you can even destroy them with weapons like a shut gun. So it would not have taken them long at all to destroy them.

barricades are weak for melee attacks, and decay after something like 8 hours…so…

Yeah there pretty quick to destroy. Also it’s not un-normal to have everything destroyed…

If I really have it out for someone, all blow the wall, loot everything, destroy all there boxes/furnaces/work-benchs and then on the way out all toss up a pillar were I blew the wall.

Yeah kinda Evil, but saved for the biggest of douches.

Yup, you were just plain raided bro, doesnt mean tho that being Admin’d (as you call it) doesnt happen just see this :

even if you place spike walls they are not at full strength.

you need to put wood in your hotbar and spam your hotbar button on each spikewall to add a little more wood to it and max out its Hit Points

never tried barricades, because just like stairs ramps and wood doors, all can be taken down with a few pick axe or hatchet swings.