Base inside a rock - Facepunch Singapore II

Small back story. Bunch of chinese guys raided us and looted us dry (kinda fishy that they went straight for our loot room) but we didnt let that bring us down, we farmed like crazy for two days made 20 c4s and went back to their base.
We used all the 20 c4s and about 8 rockets on their two massive towers and ended up with zero loot crates and no tool cupboard I REPEAT no loot crates and NO TC. The whole base consisting of two massive 5 floor towers one on the rock and one of the ground below was EMPTY! and we were like WTFFFFFFFFFF, cause we lost a lotta loot

So at this point our whole crew ( 7 of us) felt like complete losers cause we were so sure that these 3-5 chinese guys were using that base, heck their furnace was on 30 minutes before we raided them.
After about 5-10 minutes of just standing around the raided base and trying to think of where exactly did all their loot / our loot go we decided to head back. But one of crew guys just wasn’t convinced so we stuck around and tried to look into the rocks.


I spammed @rusthackreport like a crazy monkey but i guess the admins / developers are busy.

Steam profiles of the hacker boys :

PS : They came online after about 30 mins and shot rockets from inside the rock base and killed 3 of us and looted our gear from inside.

You should give the grid reference of the base for easy destruction.

See if i can get my Rasta beanie back too.

I’m on that server. About where is it?

there are 2 big ones i know.

one is just over the other side of the airfield by the stone arch left of the road, they where building yesterday.

the others are in snow biome.

Ah! Yes, that makes sense. West of the airfield? My friends were killed by gunfire coming from under the ground right around there.

probably wasn’t though the ground, it’s not possible.

This doesnt technically mean they are hackers if they live in a rock. their are still ways to get into a rock.

This way was fixed a few weeks ago

there are still ways

The video was just made 3 days ago. so im sure it still works

So i guess the Facepunch admins wont do shit about this issue.
I’m ranting about it again, cause we got hit for the 3rd time and this time they did loot most of our shit. and YEP THEY RE BACK INSIDE A FUCKING ROCK AGAIN! /

ffs we need homlzy back, this shit has to stop. The whole of Facepunch SG II is filled with a bunch of chinese players who just raid people and fcking hide in a rock. I am player who likes to raid, and when my target is hiding inside a rock, i really can’t do anything about it. All i can do is lower my graphics and look through rocks and see all my loot just sitting there in 16 fuckin boxes. gg

I know its an alpha game and i know there will be bugs, but please for the love of god fix this inside rock base issue.

Hey Brutality, I was looking through the Rust hack report yesterday, And I clicked on one of the funky names that looked glitched in that report. And it appeared to be one of the profiles you have mentioned in your post(What an coincidence!) I am new to this forum so I will try to paste a picture of the post of the hack report itself as well as the profile of the hacker.

Rust Hack Report ‏@rusthackreport 21 sep.
“.三哥-[ NB.]” was banned
19:52 - 20 sep. 2015 • Details

Long story short, they are banning the F out of these hackers so hold on tight they will dissapear…

Maybe they should get rid of rocks.

Brutality is right. Two hours after Holmzy visited our server, we organized a counter raid on Singapore II against a huge base. All was going well until the base owners started coming out of the rocks and attacking. When killed, they simply came back from the rocks again. All the good loot was in the rocks, as well as their sleeping bags. Looks like he missed that one.

I understand this is all whack-a-mole. There are a lot of cheaters out there, and some have multiple accounts and just don’t care if they’re caught. So how about a simple check when placing a deployable: Is the item’s center point about to be placed inside a rock? If so, don’t allow the placement.

Is that really so hard? Rock bases have been a vexing problem for quite some time. The admins are overworked and cannot seem to keep up with all the various forms of cheating. This would be a trivial fix that will ease the burden on the admins and get rid of a major game cheat.