Base inside rock

Several players lives in rock on Facepounch Server Moscow 5. They kill players, when sitting inside this rock. Can you please do something about it? Here some proofs in video:
Steam profiles of abusers:

Many times died near that rock. Rock base confirmed.

How do they even come up with these ideas and whats the point in playing if there just going to play dirty, i love rust the way it is personally

thank administrators for their work , all that was in the rock , destroyed . very quickly

And the award goes to [Insert Facepunch staff name] !!! probhably Holmzy :smiley:

Bugs Legacy come back :))))) i love rock’s developers.

There is cupboard, crates and sleeping bags in rock near that cave. I think admin forgot about them. They still shooting from this place. They are so persistent. I hope admins will do something about it.

today again came admin broke everything there