Base inside Rocks

Got killed by a guy that came seemingly out of nowhere, so after I respawned nearby I used the (equally questionable) “ xxx” trick to look around and saw him go inside of a rock, then I moved the camera inside the rocks and saw an entire base concealed inside it. Is that something that’s allowed?

Any proof?

This is the best I can do. You can see the rocks that the camera is going through on the side.

Is it the rock right around the rad zone with the cooling tower?

I found this by jumping around and bam was inside the rock…

It’s the tall one nearest the camera.

thats rad town area… over in the resource valley…

I so there is more then 1 rock that you can just walk into…

Woah how did he made that?

you can also glitch into rocks if 2 are close enough together, but you risk falling through the map and dying

you can glitch into rocks and houses many different ways

This should be enough proof that you can get inside of it…


Yea I have seen that video pretty funny but shows how some rocks can be entered.

fixed video link

Thanks. [video]youtube;BCUkkncbU2A][/video]

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