Base Location - South Wasteland?

Hey all,

I would like some help. There is a mountain near the east side of south wasteland valley. I have built on one side, the visible side and gotten raided quickly although it was when I only could afford a wooden door.

If I built on the other side of the mountain for my clan to store c4 and have our HQ there would you recommend it? This server has avg 20 players with only a few having C4

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any base is bound to be raided. I used to spend countless hours just wandering around in search of decent places to hit.

Best bet is to use the resources for that 2nd base to make your first base more defensive against raiding.

And any base with a wooden door can be taken down. You may have a good location, just don’t realize it before completing a base.

They cant raid you if they cant find you.
Use a visible house (so they hit you there) and behind to the middle of nowhere have another small hidden house for most of the good stuff, leave some stuff so if you get raided they think that you just didnt had that much.
Move the goodies just before you done with the playing and are about to leave, or when the server its quiet or empty so no one sees you going to the middle of nowhere, ive found some hidden houses far far away from anyone else.