Base raided by cheaters?

My base got raided today while I was at work, from the look of it, the perps must have been using fly / jump cheats in order to get up to a lower tier wall. What do you think?

You sure the charge blast didn’t take out your cupboard? Your images are cropped and I can’t be sure if there’s even permission to be had.

If they did, they could’ve easily twig up and knocked down after.

  1. build a tower.
  2. jump on your rock.
  3. when standing on the rock near your foundation, throw C4 to that wall.


hmm… i think in same way, but how character could go up there?
Only if cupboard was blown up too…

The leap of faith/hope you don’t die from fall damage method probably with C4, rinse and repeat.

A hacker wouldn’t need to put a hole in the wall. although if i were a hacker i would always make it appear as if it was a raider. Any ways there are so many hackers it doesn’t even matter.

the hole was probably to get out , ive hear that they jump from tower and hit the wall and log out as they do… then when they respawn there in your house …bug i think

you can throw c4, and it sticks to walls?

The blast DID destroy my cupboard, I was surprised they didn’t demolish the base. So I guess if the cupboard was blown up on the first blast, they could’ve gotten in easily, thanks for the tips.

So their first C4 took out your cupboard, was it obvious from how you built where it was?

ESP scares me more than any other hack in this game. In a survival game where hiding is a strategy and walls hide your secrets, ESP is a game breaker. ESP is hard to detect and even harder to prove. It’s also likely the hardest to prevent since it can’t easily be detected and relies on information the client has to have.

Not saying that it was used in this case, but anytime somebody magically ‘guesses’ correctly which wall is the perfect wall to use to get in, I get suspicious.

In some cases, it’s easy to tell where someone’s tool cupboard is. They have this tiny part of their structure that’s visibly more reinforced than the rest. I’ve seen bases that were all wood, except one small section that’s stone. Or since the last update, a stone base with a small section that’s metal. That usually indicates something of high value - often the tool cupboard - is being stored there.

And in any base, you should always have more than 1 tool cupboard. Ideally, one on each level to keep yourself safe. And even better, scatter them around the building. That gives the added advantage of making for a wider no-build zone around your base.