Base raided without damage!?

Good day Rusty’s,

I’ve been raided, no biggy to bad but that’s part of the game aye.
But the thing is the raiders diden’t break doors in some rooms but cleaned all the boxes!?
They entered on the third floor, build a staircase and blasted out a window, seems legit.
But on the ground floor there is no damage, no doors or walls blasted out tho all my things are gone. Is this the work of hackers, admin abuse or some glitch/exploit?(all doors where still closed)
I don’t mind being raided, that happens but I hate it if it was not legit!

Any thoughts?


i have raided players and replaced wall with new ones just to fuck with players so it could be the same thing that happend to you

Check your doors still belong to you. They may have been replaced with unlocked doors.

Mmm, I have to check that guess press and hold E to check if I can change the password on the doors. For the other option of putting back walls, could also be but seems a little bit more unlikely.
Must say its a smart action to replace the doors, just wait until I rebuild and then they could just walk in agian and clean everything agian…

O well just pick up the rock agian and rebuild

if you think that’s bad wait till you see GOD MODE hackers. They raid your house when you are in and laugh at you. Than use speed hack and chase you with a pickaxe they don’t even need a gun.

I have replaced player’s doors with unlocked ones after raiding on numerous occasions. What this does is lead the owner of the base to not realize that the doors have been replaced, and allows me to come back and walk right into their base at a later date to take more stuff.

They are prob just trolls to be honest i say move your base because like Joey said they might be leaching you of your gear.

Thats not trolling, my base got raided like the same and i know! they didn´t use C4 or something like that definitely!

so funny! I ll use it.

Yeah i guess thats always the best option when you’re base is discovered.

On the other side, I hade two P250 and 2 shottys 5 grenades 1 C4 some leather and cloth not really a lot of use full stuff. So they lost quied a lot more then I. Must have taken them at least 10 C4, 250 wood and the metal for the doors. Ha!

I call that “collecting rent” if i do that to someone

Ideally wouldn’t you want to replace the door AND blow up a wall to make it look less suspicious? Also this entire thing sounds incredibly devious, I love it!

I’ll investegate some more when I’m finished working, I’ll let you guys know what’s up with the doors. :wink:

if you play on a “no grief” server, often the admins will blow the doors for you. seen this on more than one server.

No it’s a non modded server, doors are all still mine!? Must have put back a wall then. Well it doesn’t matter. I’m having regathering stuff.

I had the same thing happen to me a few days ago on a server I was on. No walls where smashed, no doors blown open or replaced as I checked ALL of them. The only thing that was odd was each base that they hit had a Large Storage Box sticking out of the wall which wasn’t mine. Nothing else. They looted every stash dry and left.

I cough them in the action as they where leaving my 2nd base, but I didn’t see names. Later I heard “That’s what you get *****”, I ran outside the base but couldn’t see anything.

Not sure if it is admin abuse or hackers, never got to the bottom of it.

Must be a short chase.

There was also the Omega guy who was somehow able to make storage boxes wipe with an AOE hack of some kind. He tormented the official servers for a time. Could be that, I guess.

Most likely someone replaced the wall.

Got raided agian, time to abandon! This time they blow quied a lot of walls, diden’t got to my save room tho. So grabbed all my stuff and ventured out. The message was clear I’m off. Now on the run for a new spot for a base, gonna be difficult tho, most of the time it’s 50/50 peeps online. ( i hade my base near Ballzack Mountain, was a good spot, to bad )