Base security of the future.

A few months ago i was on reddit reading, some recent posts when i saw a post by Garry, on that thread was an interesting idea, that base security should notify us even when we are off line, here is Garry’s Quote on the subject
“This is something we do want to explore. It might come with electricity (security systems that send a push message to your phone with an image from an in game cemera etc).” - Garry Newman (1/1/2014) Riddit Post
and today i was perusing the Mind Map and saw this.

I like the idea of this, But if i am at work, in a meeting or busy with life and my Base is getting raided, What the HELL am i meant to do with that information sit there quietly seething while i know my base is getting pillaged?

there was an old saga MegaDrive CD game that let you follow some school girls round a sorority house (yes i now know it sounds a bit freaky) and trigger traps/events How cool would that be in rust? What if we could activate traps Via an app? Or open and close doors (one upgraded with servos or actuators). we could have a room filled with security guards ( mutant carrot NPC’s ) if someone is raiding “let loose the vegicide” (I know vegicide is the act of killing vegetables but you get the point).

I like the idea of getting a message when being raided, but would like to see it taken a step further.

I can’t imagine myself at church then the rust app tells me that im getting raided. Then id yell out “ah shit!”, then everybody hears me as u run home. Don’t get me started when im at school, anywho i like the idea. Activating your traps on your phone does sound cool, but if i don’t have wifi then im screwed.

I new I had a good idea lol

How bout, send a text to your buddies who you play/base with and see if anyone can log on and handle it? I personally LOVE the idea of getting a message when I’m away/sleeping, I hope we see it in game some day! :slight_smile:

You should be able to reply with a short recording that will blare as an alarm around your base.

If you had a decent-sized clan across different timezones, this could be useful for sure.

As stated above, the idea works beautifully for clans, plus, I’d rather have that info sent to me so that when I log in next time I know what I will expect, unless you want that shock you get when you spawn fresh naked and there is no more base.

As for closing and opening traps, I’m sure that If there is the technical possibility of having the feature above, that’ll come across, maybe even be able to open your smartphone and view your in-game camera live.

This would also help for people who like to keep multiple bases on one server. You’re at your main base and you get an alert telling you one of your backwater storage bases is being attacked. Zone control, baby!

No matter where I am at, I am logging in and stopping any person from pillaging my base. At work? I’ll run to the bathroom with my laptop full speed and wifi my base to safety. On a vacation? I’ll stop whatever leisure activity I am doing and hot spot my base to safety, no questions asked. On a cruise ship? I’lll dive into the water, no matter how shark infested, and swim to shore just to connect to the nearest hot spot. In an airplane? If the pilot has requested that all devices be off, I will sky dive out of the plane, no matter what altitude, and use my lap top on the way down to literally air strike any wannabe raiders in my build.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop me from saving my base if steam allowed push notifications. I won’t need a clan, as I find clans are for *ussies. I’ll admit, this beats the alternative of sleeping with one eye open and staying logged in 24 hours a day.