Base Warfare

Base warfare seems to be the most compelling and new aspect of the game, as of yet. Other games incorporate aspects of teamplay and defense, but in this case, you are responsible for constructing your own defiensive line. I suppose a personal sense of ownership and independence grants base defense in rust a particular vibrancy - that doesn’t even do it justice - a sense of vitality. That either you survive or you don’t given your ability to defend your base.

Imagine a immediate game which takes advantage of the ability to construct, defend, and attack, using base warfare strategies inherent to the rust environment. Start in a team of players and construct your own defensive line, base, or camp with the attempt to dominate another team or teams. Given the vast open nature of the map, resource gathering, construction, and the hostile environment, battles could be won by a tight team strategy or won by an individual who succeeds in guerrilla warfare, but would pit teams in an ongoing conflict which could last from an hour or so to a number of days.

Teams could start with an initial airdrop or grant at a given location on the map, and then be on their own as far as time spent raiding, gathering, attacking and playing defense. The primary difference would be the team association, which would be admittedly loose, the initial airdrop containing materials for base construction, and the goal of destruction, or capture of the other team or their base.

Just a thought. Most of the strongest gameplay seems to be around base defense, although in an individual, small scale capacity.