Baseball Cap model? (Not turtle cap from css)

I was just wondering, is there a baseball cap model? (If wrong section then please state how it is please?)

There’s one in CSS I believe.

Thread title renamed so you know what i mean and i don’t want turtle cap.

There’s one in that Get A Life mod

However, that may only be attachable by bodygroups but I’m not sure. If you really can’t find one, I could port one from GTA IV or something.

oh yeah this is in the wrong section too

How is it in wrong section and could you port one for me please?

If you have TF2, there’s the new scout hat.

That’s a helmet

No cartoony shit, i just want a basball cap like one in Get a Life pack

I can’t find one either… which is odd. We should have had one by now…

Also this would probably be best in the Request section.

Was wondering where it went from the models section.

Meh i got it wrong but it got moved, thanks for whoever moved it.

Here is the models pack for Get A Life

You need to Dl 3 parts