It was mentioned months ago that the game was approaching baseline. Then the talk of baseline disappeared. When can we expect Experimental to reach baseline? Which of course I’m assuming would be something as playable as Legacy was/is.

I bring this up because I tried to play the other night and gave up after 30 minutes of frustration.

Large update just came in. A complete rework of the building system. They are going to need another week to clean up the aftermath(memory leaks, UI and network bugs), then you can make your decision. Personally, I don’t seriously play due to the balancing being setup right now for server stress testing. No real value in resources at the moment.

Trying to play right now might now be wise with all the bugs that were accidentally added. The game IS reletively close to baseline, but I feel like that’s kind of a subjective call. I consider the game on par with legacy at this point. It spawns animals that you need to kill and eat to survive, you can build the same way you could in legacy. The only thing missing is loot crates and rad towns which may go through some changes before they reach the game.

This was my experience from the other night (after the big building system overhaul),

I spawned by a large mountain in a snowy area. I crossed a small river with chunks of ice (very cool) and headed towards a group of smallish trees. I could walk right through them and couldn’t gather wood from them. I saw some bigger trees on the side of a mountain so I walked over to those. Couldn’t get to those trees because as I approached them the incline was too steep and I would just slide away. This was frustrating because the slope of the mountain wasn’t steep enough to not climb. Maybe slow me down at the most. After 30 mins of this and no other trees in sight I logged off.

5 Guys on Amsterdam I + II at 02:15. Dont know exactly what it means, but its a damn negative record. Never saw this before. Even with lag! Thats not the reason. In cause my worktimes i often play at night. Thats just 10% of the normal ammount. At this point, theres something wrong… And if i look to the new building system, wich dont check the coordinates of the things you want to build, just checking your own position, without a limitation of buildingrange… And this system is just to realize that nobody is able to build near you… I think, it says a lot about the niveau about facepunch is thinking. Thats not about the idea himself. I like the new system. But, if you’re be honest, its pretty awkward to realize it THAT way. Bader than my fkn english skills. And i dont want to say something nice, just to be unslapped by the rustlovers. At the moment it just lame :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, just one thing^^ Its at least better, then the niveau of the every-day-patches. But if you want someone to test the game, you have to give something, someone would like to test. Most of my friends are waiting “till the next patch”.

Garry was able to get access to the Unity 5 beta, because it includes lots of things the devs have been waiting for and things that will lift limitations on the devs that existed in <5.

These include PhysX support, which has one massive payoff right away: it means the physics collider limit, which used to be capped at 65535 total entities, is now effectively infinite. This means that there is NO need to have decay like legacy did. Your house won’t have to slowly melt away and force you to log in every day to flip the door open and shut to reset decay (if it hasn’t been destroyed in raids).

Another big one is access to SpeedTree, which should give the devs a big boost in efficiency on tree rendering once they’ve worked the kinks out.

The transition to the Unity5 beta has not been the smoothest, and SpeedTree seems to be giving the devs problems, but they’re working on it.

Considering the game is in alpha and the benefits (there are more than just these), getting Unity 5 in there as early as possible is more important than achieving baseline gameplay, because the longer you put off major foundational changes like that, the more painful it’ll be.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Legacy and is the prime factor in ditching legacy for a fresh start on the idea with experimental.

baseline is a target. the exacts of that being met kind of depend on your interpretation, but functionally it means that everything from legacy is imported into experimental (unless it is replaced with a new system/tool or removed from rust entirely).

currently exp is far more playable then it was. i remember the tiny test maps and the spawn battles when they had just implemented the bolty and everyone spawned with one. fun, but not really playable for more than 10 minutes.

now you can build a house with moderate security, respawn at sleeping bags, harvest resources and make tools, weopons and armour. clothes have no stats, and there are plenty of bugs being squashed. not everything has been implemented from legacy (c4, research kits, beds, kevlar, blueprints) but we have new things like spears, salvaged weopons (like 2handed variants of hammer, hatchet and pick) and helmets that protect you from headshots.

so play it. we’re getting closer, but its hard to tell how long it will take to get all the legacy features in.

I ran around for 30 minutes and couldn’t even find any wood to gather, I pounded on a rock pile until my eyeballs were aching from the head bob, and then wandered into the frozen waters until I drowned. Not very fun or playable in my opinion.

If you did not find trees then your instance was glitched. Re starting the game might have fixed that. Theres no way you should be going more than a minute in Any direction without seeing a tree to harvest even in the desert

I saw some, just couldn’t get to them because they were on the slope of a mountain and I kept sliding down. The slope was around 45° and should have been climbable.

As they mentioned, its a glitch. If I notice there are no trees around, I just restart the game and log back in and POOF what do ya know? I’m standing in the middle of a forest where previously there were no trees. I’ve never had to scale mountains for resources. First rule of troubleshooting… did you turn it off and back on?

I turned it off, and then I’ll turn it back on in a few weeks to see if it plays better.

I went from trying out experimental every weekend to playing it once a month.