Basementflat - A flat in a basement!

This isn’t anything fancy, more of a ‘test map’ for me. But i thought it would be useful for posing and all.
I know you all hate test maps, but please bear with me!
Also, the closet doors and cabinet doors are a bit finicky, and if there’s anything blocking it they’ll turn the wrong way, so don’t stand infront of them!

I bring you:


Fully stocked kitchen!

Bar Area

*Bar not included

Private half-bath

WALK* in closet!

*Can fit up to 3 people inside

Real-openable cabinets!

Without any props (vanilla)

Download it here

When you download it, i want you to try something. I’m curious to see if i packed a custom material in correctly. So when you load up, go to the stairs and walk directly down into the brick wall, you should go though it and see a texture that says ‘Map by Esrande’. If it works please says so! If it doesn’t, then say so and i’ll fix it

Holy shit, that’s awesome. Good job!

This is just a test?

Then how beautiful is the full version going to be?

Well it’s a ‘test’ map (and my first released one).
I’m planning on making the rest of the house later. And thanks for the good comments!

Damn, this is a cool map. I think this will be a good map for build scenes.

The lighting is dull, but other than that; Fucking awesome. Good job !

Give it some warm lighting and you have a nice, cosy map.

Thanks for all the comments! I guess i’ll work on the lighting some

I like this, I could imagine myself living in a place like this in future.

What dead-end crap job do you have? I feel sorry for you.

But in all seriousness, thanks!

Ice burn!

Also, that map is awesome, can’t wait for the full thing. :slight_smile:

I made a thread a while back but is anyone getting an error when trying to load the map. My game crashes to the desktop when its almost done loading

You could dupe the props and use “spawn at original location” to do the same that the save would do.


Oh right, I thought this was a flat construct map set in a basement

Yeah i know, i had to remove the bumpy ground because it kept getting in the way of the sidewalk.

Pro tip regarding arches: generally, you want to make them 360 degrees, like a hula hoop, so the width/shape of each piece is consistent. Disregard that if you do want the arch to taper, but I thought I’d mention it because I found the arch tool really frustrating until someone told me about it.

I’ve been having that problem where i can’t get a nice looking arch, maybe i’ll just try carving the wall out :v

Not a fan of bumps, but can someone reupload this please?

Oh hey, I almost forgot about this. I’ll reupload it in a bit

Working download added to the OP, i hope it’s the right map