+1 for smexy thread


This has potential, however you might want to write something about the actual gamemode. Currently the only info we have about it is that it’s about to change in every category. What is it intended for? LightRP/SeriousRP? Both?

But so far I like the modularity of it. Keep it up.

The only way this is going to work out is if you do some awesome documentation


I was referring to a wiki, looking at the source code is always the last thing I want to do when using a new framework.

If there isn’t a ranged based chat that would be beneficial thing to add in, as well as persistent data.

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god damnit where did my old title go



Hi Viking, I’ve created a suggestion you may like. :wink:


You could use for your documentation. If you need any help with scripting this or documenting any of it I’d be glad to be of assistance.

I like how this can be used to make new content. Thanks!
This is a LOT better than skeleton from

Your code at least doesn’t make us devs start from COMPLETE scratch. :v:

You can also make wikis on GitHub.

GitHub wiki’s are also good.


Good job so far


This is wonderful!
Great job, i’ll probably fuck around with this later.
Keep up the good work yo.