Bases inside rocks on official facepunch servers => ban?

This bug has been around for a long time, though various attempts have been made to fix it. Based on that, I’d say it’s not an easy fix. Might be easier once things are more finalized.

It would be fucking ridiculous if you could get banned for using a feature of the game. As long as there are no rules on the official servers the only rules that should be enforced is if something is injected in the game (and we have EAC and VAC for that) or if someone was trying to DDOS/Spam in order to disrupt the proper functioning of the server. That said I totally agree admins should ban players for that.

Other than quite a few different patches all trying to fix people building in rocks? Feel free to stop being a dumbass and read between the lines and STOP BUILDING IN ROCKS.

That “feature” is a glitch. It is well known that exploits or glitches in most games will ban you

i agree that it depends on the rules of the server, but either way it’s not an intended feature but a glitch. in most cases, expect to be banned for exploiting bugs in the game.

Please show me where the devs have stated that glitching into rocks is a feature of Rust? Where’s it listed on the Steam store page?

Oh, right, nowhere, you’re abusing an exploit.

I remember you saying this:

And here you are, a year later, defending abusing exploits and complaining that the devs ban people from official servers for abusing exploits. :v:

Better start wearing that ass hat if you wanna keep cheating by hiding in rocks.

How do you remember stuff from so long ago? You do it all the time… I’m starting to think you are some kind of AI prototype.

beep boop don’t complain it’s alpha beep

i agree that abusing exploits is not good gameplay, but if building inside rock is considered an exploit (i think it is), then they should ban for every exploit. If a player do an exploit and get banned, while another player do another exploit and dont get ban, it would be unfair wouldnt it ? why not ban every single player that abuse exploits, like those who make large stack of wood in order to carry more items, or that make half shelves using the foundation step (not possible anymore). or build inside foundations. or used the “fov 124” exploit.

Using exploit is bad, but if they wanna start to ban player for it, either they make a list of bannable exploits or they ban every single players for using any exploits. there are so many bugs and exploit in this game, if they would ban everyone who ever use an exploit, they would have to ban pretty much everyone.

arbitrary banning certain exploits and allowing certain exploits dont make senses, how should player know which one is allowed ? its not like people want to play unfair, but when everyone against you is using it, you are at a competitive disadvantage for not using it.

You’re a dummy, no where did I say I used this glitch or endorsed this glitch. I do not approve of the use of this glitch and it is unfair for everyone to use it. That being said, I do not believe we should be banning people for using their keyboards and mouses as best as they can in the game on servers that have absolutely no rules.

There’s quite a bit of difference between carrying more and making your base invulnerable to raiding, and it’s because they do want to play unfairly that motivates them to build in rock bases.

How can people stick up for the fuckers that build in rocks? At what point do you NEED someone to tell you that you can’t glitch inside solid rock to build your base with a mechanism that involves you killing yourself to get in or out? What about all the updates combating this very problem?

I think this thread helps to summarize what we are up against whenever a new update goes live. Just wow.

agreed, but things like building a base in a rock are much easier to detect than other exploits. if your base is in a rock, you exploited. i need access to your inventory for duping/res glitches, so it’s much harder to check without literally lining everyone up like a prison search.

In no way shape or form am I endorsing using exploits in Rust. However, there must be a clear delineation between what is considered an exploit and is therefore bannable. Calling resource stacking an exploit but saying you wont ban for it becomes confusing when you call building rock bases an exploit and say you are going to ban for it. The FOV thing was called an exploit 2 weeks before it was fixed allowing anyone in the community to take advantage of it. To my knowledge, nobody was banned for using this exploit either, despite it giving you a tactical advantage over other players when shooting over long distances. More than anything, it seems like we need a new term to classify things that arent game breaking but arent working as intended. Years of professional development experience would lead me to declare a different between a bug and an exploit.

For instance, resource stacking is a bug. Yea, it gives you an advantage because you dont need 40 large wood boxes to store your 50,000 wood. Just think of how much extra space your base would need to store all those crates. Surely we can agree this provides you some form of advantage but is not game breaking. Moving on to the FOV issue and rock bases, these should be classified as exploits that have the potential to be game breaking and their exploitation and use should therefore be bannable.

The major major issue i see right now is that all problems are called exploits and nobody knows which exploit might get you banned so you have an entire community of people walking around on their tip toes trying to not fall on the wrong side of the ban hammer if FP decides to actually start enforcing bans for using known exploits. FP publishing a full list of exploits that are bannable would do wonders to alleviate any existing confusion

Also, on a side note, announcing that an exploit is available for use before the fix is in place is poor practice. Telling everyone that its there only leads to more rampant abuse of the exploit. Using the FOV issue as a case in point, please make sure the fix is deployed at the time when you announce the exploit in the dev blog. Yes, I know that the last two sections of this post are slightly hypocritical but there does have to be a balance. Players need to know what the rules are and what is expected of them but at the same time, you cant give them the information they need to take advantage of the system.

Of course, that assumes you have admins, which the official servers do not.

That said, I’ve seen Devs come in and destroy rock bases when someone is able to get that message to one of them. Of course, getting a message to the Devs that they actually read requires no small amount of luck and effort.

I agree, some exploits are very difficult to proove. but when you find a guy with a stack of 50000k wood, screenshot proof and everything, you will never get him banned. because this exploits is considered minor, ive even seen videos of youtuber Rhinocrunch abusing that exploit right in front of a dev, he played with holmzy on fp hongkong if i remember right. and rhino wont get banned for it. but if a chinese guy abuse another exploit that is judged “more gamebreaking”, they ban the chinese. I know its not a race issue, but I think the fact that they ban for using some exploits while using other exploits themselves is bullshit. you cant ban people for using exploits when you use it yourself. There are so many exploits, some are really gamebreaking, some are minor, some are in between, there is no clear line of which exploits is accepted and which is not.

Because that is pretty much impossible to detect most of exploits (FOV, stacks, some building exploits that are still possible, etc), it doenst make sense to ban some people and allow others.

You keep saying it’s unclear what exploits will get you banned, and that it doesn’t make sense. It seems pretty clear that making your base invulnerable is unacceptable, where as manipulating stack sizes and still carrying the risk of losing your shit is. That makes sense to me.

Are you sure? There has to be some reason you brought it up, and I doubt it was to deliberately make your point less clear.

i was refering to the guy who came here complaining why he got ban for building in a rock, while tons of other guys build inside rock and dont get banned.

To the OP: No, it appears you don’t get banned for taking advantage of this exploit.
I tweeted rust hack report with screenshots and steam profile of a player killing me from within his rock base and the following day he was back online doing the same thing. I play on the official HK server because it’s the only one I find has a decent population and ping, unfortunately this problem is rampant on it and affects the gameplay pretty drastically.

Why do we have no word from Face Punch about this problem? Is there a community manager that addresses these sort of questions? With no official word, more players are encouraged to continue abusing this.
My friends and I have been discouraged to continue playing primarily because of this exploit. We’ll be back when it’s fixed.