bases that are way to op

hey just wanted to know if you guys think this base is way to op i tried to attack it it took almost
45 C4 and then i was still only second floor out of I think eight

that looks like a terrible base. and you can skip the 1st floor entirely with just one barricade and box. OP bases are those near beach or near rocks where u cant put foundations for miles except on that very spot…

You will use 45 c4 if you just went in and started popping the first wall you see. That base can probably be raided with 15 ± (if no less). People tend to store all their main loot 1 - 2 rooms. You just started at the wrong place.

I have a 5X5X10 that is prolly gonna grow to a 5X5X20. Each room on each floor has loot…but no more than 3-4 things per box. As it sits right now it’s almost 500 C4 if you want it all and it’ll be 1000 C4 once it hits 20 floors. At that point there’s no way it’s worth it.

That base is certinatly not op. You just need to pick the right rooms or build up.

read up on raiding and stairing up . i think you just wasted a tone of c4 on that base.

Not very op, did you think about building a staircase up to the floor where the goodies are?

no he didnt ,OP just doesnt know how to raid at all ^^

No wonder, he’s a bambi hunter.

As far as I’m concerned if I can’t get a good investment out of 10-12c4 its not worth my time. I roll with a smaller team of 3 and it takes us a little while to build up 12 c4 so the loot as to be GOOOOOOD for us to use 12c4 otherwise your taking a loss investment wise. Example: If you use 12 c4 and only get 1-3 guns and some armor its not worth it. However if you manage to find the BIG stash room and get a ton of kevlar, m4’s, c4 ect then its a net gain, more often then not in big bases like this with a million rooms I never get the investment back. This is also because more and more people are now splitting up all the loot between rooms.

There is no such thing as a “too OP” base. They went and harvested the materials, and built it for the SOLE purpose of keeping people out. It is doing its job. If you think this is too much, then don’t raid it.

OP… why didn’t you just do the pillar+barricade exploit and look under the metal walls for boxes? It’s almost always a waste of C4 or grenades to go through a base from the bottom and go up through the base.

Always investigate for where the loot room would be (or could be, or should be) located and then get to it.

I got some pretty nice loot 1 minutes after spawning and hide inside a hole in a mountain. Who needs bases ?

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