So i’m building a base, and someone came by and built a doorway and metal door blocking my way in. Is there any way for me to break out? I don’t have c4’s

F1> Suicide

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Try and die close enough to a wall and maybe you can loot your backpack from the outside. Or drop everything through the door if you can get back there in time.

No. There is no way to get out unless you have C4. Looks like you are gonna have to hit F1, and type Suicide and restart. Sorry man.

Yeah, you’re pretty much done for. This reason is why when I build a base the first thing I put down is a doorway with a door in it.

Log out and wait a day for it to decay, if it really matters.

if i don’t play for a day, it’ll decay? i thought it took 5 days

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so this is basically it? i can’t get out with my stuff unless it decays? how many c4’s does it take to break out?

Create a storage crate and glitch it through your wall to where you can loot it on the other side. Place your stuff in it and suicide then run back and loot. Just place it where it is less noticeable. I think large storage crates are the only ones that can work though. I haven’t tried with the small ones.

Yeah it sucks. I’ll hide in a shack or a half ruined house or something until I have all the materials together and ready, then jump out and throw the entire thing up. On a bigger place this still works, you just start off with the one room and build off of it.