Basewars 14 public release

Hi everybody
Around late last year i acquired a partially fixed version of the original lmaollama basewars gamemode that dates back to the days of gmod 10.
After screwing around with it for a while i decided it was an abysmally coded piece of shit that isn’t even worth fixing.
Thus i began work on a complete reboot of the gamemode, unfortunately I have began work on a big project in unity and no longer have the time or patience to finish basewars so I am releasing it to the community to do what they will with it.
Just remember these 3 things:

  1. This gamemode is completely open source and contains absoloutely zero code from the original basewars or any other copyrighted gamemode so if anybody tries to DMCA you for running it just laugh in their stupid face

  2. THIS IS NOT A FINISHED OR EVEN FULLY PLAYABLE GAMEMODE! its a code dump people, all the core mechanics and most of the UI elements are in place but there are many structures and entities that are only partially finished.
    If you want to run this on your server as a complete gamemode you’ll need to find a coder to finish it off (the gamemode is about 75% finished according to my original plans for it)

  3. This gamemode is currently set up to use leetnoobs FAS:2 sweps, ULX is also highly recommended as the gamemode has only very rudimentary admin features.

Screenshots: (outdated, the buy menu is 100% complete now) (extremely outdated, dates back to when i attempted to port the structure code to darkRP)

Download here:


QQ Could possible use this and add a bit to my other half working basewars gamemode even through I already have a custom built one ready to be used ;D

It has the darkRP hud, that code is so copied >_>

Every version I’ve seen before this release was more or less just DARKRP.

Even the 3D2D Text looks DarkRP esque. But I guess that’s what gets players in. I’ve never even played basewars either so I’m not one to judge.

Might as well start with darkrp then finally get out of it.

Hey guys im working on a nice new version of basewars. Completly recoded for gmod13.

I’m sure this will help speed things up a bit, thank you robbo :smiley:

whoops i didn’t see that, that shot is from when i tried to port the gamemode to a darkrp addon thinking it would save time, the version I’m releasing doesn’t contain any darkrp code

The code is all his own.

The only thing that even goes close to being the same is the AddComma function. But that is probably one of few ways to do it.

Nice work, What is missing that you were going to add?


Quickly did this:

Probably will add a DListView to show all the current factions.

Nice to see this is being revived!

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Could you please use a website like mediafire/dropbox instead of SendSpace? Their download times are horrendous.

Power seems to be bugging out

Edit: Looks like the hyrdoponics factory in particular.

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The code is all his own.

The only thing that even goes close to being the same is the AddComma function. But that is probably one of few ways to do it.

Nice work, What is missing that you were going to add?

Well only 3 of the drugs work correctly and its missing a lot of the more complex structures like turrets etc and a few of the existing buildings are buggy or just hollow shells with no code attached to them (the gun factory for example)
the scoreboard menu is also incomplete and it needs some way of limiting how many structures each player can have active at once.
I also had plans for a fair few anti-minge measures because as we all know the current basewars gamemode turns into a mingepocalypse when there aren’t any admins on to enforce the rules
thats about all i had planned for it really.

That faction list looks alright, I actually flogged the join faction list from gmstranded but found it lacking in features so I was going to integrate the function into the tab menu (click on a player then select ‘join this players faction’ then enter the password and your in)

I may do the scoreboard thing for the faction joining, Seems more efficient.

I am also going to redesign the basewars store and add some new structures / Finish the ones that are not done.

Alright so I did get it to a stable state and it is fully work without any errors ( kinda ) but with the cash. When the money printer prints money, it can be random, it would randomly print 50million then go on to dupe itself to 981198465195619+10e or something like that. How would I go about fixing that?


Yes, this will crash your server :slight_smile:

whoa I’ve never had that happen before in the test build, you sure you didn’t mess with those printers?

Everything is default

Link is crashed, why? Can i download? :\

Link not working… Fix, please!!!

thread is old

there you go, hopefully somebody eventually finishes this gamemode