Basewars Gamemode Sale

I am selling basewars (Fully working gamemode) for 50 or 60 pounds, pm me on steam (RichDogs) if you are interested. I will do all editing to your servers name and all that.
I am looking for a trustworthy buyer not some one that will come up and scam me.

  • This gamemode is hard to code or find a working one that is why its a price hardly any one has this and could get you community veiws)

(User was permabanned for this post ("scam/plagiarism" - Orkel))

No screenshots, two forum posts, no credibility and quite a high asking price


It isn’t yours to sell? afaik Llamalord is the creator of Basewars who released it open source.

When you download the gamemode it does not work and I took the time to fix it. If you want proof this works I will set up a dedicated server to show you just add me on steam

Seems like kind of a terrible move to fix somebody elses gamemode and then trying to sell it for a pretty large amount of money.

You shouldn’t be selling someone elses work; you’ve may have put in time to fix it and what not, but it’s still their work you’re selling. If anything you should have put it up on github or something and allow other people to make changes to it.

This is ridiculous. I hope nobody actually buys this.

I can not see you spending months on fixing a basewars gamemode where nothing is broke, and then having my services to fix any thing, Every single thing in the gamemode works I WILL lower the price to 40 pounds that is the lowest because I spent HOURS every day to fix this and I will not have people come and say “BULL SHIT SCAM” I can proof it to you and show you, THIS can be a good start to community, and could get you lots of players

Dude, get lost.

How pathetic.

Basically what everyone is saying is, you’re trying to sell a gamemode that you fixed up and are trying to take credit for creating it.

It’s best to put it on GitHub. That way you’d get less flaming.

Obviously, but that’s not going to get him paid for work done is it?

Being paid for work done isn’t a crime, the guy just needed to word his original post better. And asking the creator for permission wouldn’t have hurt.

I am not trying to take credit for it in all the info it says made by the original makers of the gamemode not me.

How dull can you be? Everyone’s saying that you’re selling someone else’s work that you simply fixed. Go make your own gamemode from scratch if you want to make money.

And since Basewars does not have any license on GitHub, it falls back to the standard license, which basically means you have no rights whatsoever to sell this gamemode.

An alternative solution could be to release the gamemode fix for free, while requesting donations for your work fixing it. People probably won’t get too upset with a “This took a good bit of time to fix, I’d really appreciate it if you send some chedda chedda my way (link)”.

He just burned all of his bridges.

Anyone got a link to the original gamemode? I’ve wanted to start to do something with gmod but never ended up doing anything major, but this sounds like something I’d like to fix up and improve.